Staying Productive When Working From Home

Are you working from home?

If you are having a hard time staying productive when working from home, then this podcast is for you! So let’s dive in.

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I’ve been working from home now for 5 years. 15 minutes really do add up. Plans can change. Dreams don’t.

Staying Productive When Working From Home


What absolutely needs to get done? I’m continually changing what’s a priority. In 90, days what do you want to look back and see? Every week I write down my top 3 things I need to get done and every day I write down my top three things. Grab our free planner for the list. 15 minutes here and there. Now is your time. If you don’t know what your priority should be then join us in CLASS because that’s what it’s designed to do, tell you what to do each week.

2) Know and protect your energy levels.

Need a nap? Take one. Wake up early if that’s when you are most focused. Need a run at 9 am. Take it. Get to know yourself better than ever before. Take care of your body and your energy. If you are just starting to work from home, you need to get to know yourself. When do you like to shower? When do you like to work? What is the schedule for the rest of your family? Protecting your family’s energy level too.

3) Keep a loose schedule.

 Think about your ideal workday. Start fresh. This is new. In an ideal workday, what would you do? I need to do this myself. In your ideal day, how do you start your day? Can’t walk to Starbucks so what’s the closest thing? Give yourself little treats.

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