How To Stay Motivated When Everything is Falling Apart

How do you keep yourself motivated when you have so many personal things happening in your life? Things that want to make you stop everything and give up?

My business started and grew in the midst of personal things going on. I struggling to with infertility, struggling with miscarriages. It felt like everything in my personal life was falling apart. When I came to write, it helped me feel like I was helping, like maybe there was a purpose for the things I was going through. 

Passion requires doing a little bit every day. Even helping just one person. When I do that, it makes me feel like what I am doing is worth it. 

I had a business and a kid and had to keep moving forward. In fact, my biggest growth actually came during that time. There must be some reason for this time in my life. 

I would not be here without those experiences. Today’s episode is about how to stay motivated and even grow when it feels like everything is falling apart. 

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Tips for Staying Motivated & Grow When Your Personal Life is Falling Apart

Here’s the thing; because I am in work I love, my work has ALWAYS helped me move past the tough times I have had. My business actually wouldn’t be here today if I had not had tough times. Every comment and person it helps me realize this is the right path that God wants me to be on.  

1)Vision journal/board. My vision board helps me focus on where I am headed. At one point, I was not where I wanted to be in life. So for me, it was telling myself every day I was a happy working mom, working from home with twins.

2.) Do one thing every day. I had to do one thing every day that would help me get to the vision, even if it was listening to a podcast or reading an article. Just one small step will help you stay inspired. For me, imagining my future keeps me moving. 

2) Help someone else. Focusing on others instead of myself helps me stay motivated. Knowing my why and even just one thank you every day helped me keep moving forward. Now, I think about how many people I wouldn’t have helped had I not pushed forward. 

3) You might need to change what you are doing. It’s ok. If it isn’t driving you and getting you passionate and excited and like an escape. It might not be the right thing for you to be doing. Or you might need to tweak it. It shouldn’t feel like you are pushing. It should come naturally and easy.

The “thing” you love should get you excited and help you take your mind off what’s giving you a tough time.

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