3 Software Solutions To Take Your Business To The Next Level
The modern business simply wouldn’t be complete without a hefty dose of software solutions. Most types of organizations, big or small, revolve around dozens and dozens of IT systems, and without them, many would crumble.
It’s this reliance on technology that has made businesses far easier to run, and much more efficient. Without computers, IT, and software, it’s easy to argue that the modern company simply wouldn’t exist.
If yours is the same, and your business wouldn’t be able to function without the aid of that PC in the corner, then this post is for you. Below, you’ll find 3 key software solutions that can help improve a variety of business processes. From communication to staff management, hopefully, you discover something you hadn’t yet thought of!

3 Software Solutions To Take Your Business To The Next Level

1. Staff Holidays and Absences Software

Useful for: Organizing sick leave and vacation. Tracking lost productivity.
Businesses, for better or worse, utterly rely on their internal staff members. If one key player has to take time off for whatever reason, the whole operation can be thrown out of shape. Imagine if your line manager or receptionist jetted off on a two-week long vacation. Would you be able to cope? You might find a temporary replacement, but nothing beats the real thing.
This is where absence management software comes in. It allows you to keep track of which staff members are away, the reason why, and even allows them to request leave remotely.

2. Project Management Software

Useful for: Teams working in different locations. Delegating tasks.
Organizing a group project, whether it’s in-house or freelance, is tough. There are so many moving parts and so many bodies involved that it can quickly become a sizeable mess.
On top of this, it’s hard to delegate tasks without one area failing. You assign graphics production to one person, and suddenly, they get sick, or go on vacations – graphics lost. Whether your project is in marketing, sales or content production, ensuring it flows smoothly is a mammoth task.
Fortunately, project management systems, like Trello, are there to save the day. Most are web-based, though some can be downloaded straight to your PC. They allow you to create projects and mini-tasks within those projects. These tasks can then be assigned to people and be completed from anywhere in the world.
That means that Chris from Australia can check off his part when he’s finished, so everyone is kept in the loop. It also means that if someone gets sick, they can notify everyone on the project so that someone can quickly jump in and pick up the slack. You won’t have to be inundated with emails, either. The software tracks notifications from its own built-in system.
And everyone can leave comments, update the group on their progress, and post new ideas as they get them. Project management software is not only useful for remote teams but in-house teams who are spread across different floors of an office building.

3. File Transfer Software

Useful for: Removing file size limits. Improving communication.
Believe it or not, it’s quite difficult to find a fully comprehensive file transfer system. Most of them, like Gmail or Facebook Messenger, impose file size limits which severely limit functionality. What if a freelancer needs to send you a large video? What if you need to send a dozen effects-laden photos? Your options are sparse.
And yet, as you probably guessed, there is a solution. A web-based software system like WeTransfer offers you the ability to send up to 2GB of data for free, instantly. Sure, I could attach that 1GB file to a Google Drive folder, but it’d take 30 minutes to upload.
Plus, the files are then sent directly to the recipient’s email address. You won’t need to be friends on Facebook, or send them a Google Drive link which they’ll then have to navigate to. By removing the usual barriers found within file transfer, your business will be at the top of its game.
And that’s the end of our list! We’ve only detailed three, but there are literally hundreds of unique software solutions for a variety of purposes. And the best part about all these packages? Most can be used on a mobile, or a tablet. Indeed, we are no longer shackled to a desk, and it’s easy to argue that you could run an entire company from the device in your pocket.
So the next time you’re struggling to streamline a process or finish a project, perhaps the answer is simpler than you think. Google it and see what you find!

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