What Your Social Media Strategy Should Look Like
I absolutely love diving into the current social media landscape and figuring all this stuff out. Every day I am diving into Google Analytics to see where our page views are coming from. We just passed 500,000 page views a month and have a goal to hit 1 million page views by June 30, 2017. I love sharing with you what works and what doesn’t work.
In 2016, our focus was Pinterest and Instagram. I created more blank space in my calendar to test out new social media platforms to see what we could add to our brand long-term. Note: Most of our social media activities are focused on the long-term. We might not make a sale with Snapchat tomorrow and that’s ok. Our brand at Classy Career Girl has grown over time and we will continue to focus on the long-term overtime as well. I am not concerned with the quick wins or a business that won’t be around in a year.
This plan is not for beginners. I encourage you to stick with one platform to start where you know your ideal clients are hanging out. Don’t get overwhelmed. If you want to take it to the next level and have the time to experiment, this plan might be for you.
Also, all this could change. We know how fast our social media strategy could change so it will be interesting to look back at this post at the end of the year to see how social media changes in 2017.

What Your 2017 Social Media Strategy Should Look Like

Our Three Main Priorities That Are New 

1. Facebook Live

We plan to hold Facebook lives on our public fan page once per week on Mondays at 12pm PST. Then, we will repurpose the content by uploading the video to YouTube and creating a blog post. We’ve been testing this over the past few months and it’s been working great.
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Why should you focus on Facebook Lives in 2017? It’s all about saving time and repurposing content in multiple places and this is the easiest way to do it. Not only does your video get better reach and engagement than just a regular post, but you don’t have to worry about fancy lighting or editing your YouTube videos. You hit the button and go. It’s so easy! If you need help getting started, read our article on how to use Facebook Live.

2. Podcast

We plan to publish The Classy Career Girl Podcast two times per week with a re-brand/re-launch planned for March-2017.  Our podcast content will include repurposing Facebook live content and course content from our other training materials. Our goal is to make the podcast show more of a training rather than trying to stick to a certain amount of time for each episode. Our podcast is not focused on interviews like most other podcasts out there. We try to focus on training and a mini-lesson in each episode.
Why should you focus on audio and podcasting in 2017? It’s so simple when you think about it. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, iTunes does not have an algorithm. That means everyone who subscribes to my podcast gets my podcast. I think podcasting is only going to grow in the future.

3. Snapchat and Instagram Stories

In 2017, we will be switching up our social media plan for these growing platforms. We will be sharing daily tips and lessons on our Snapchat account and then saving it and repurposing it for Instagram stories. We will take our blog content and break it down into stories. It takes some creativity but we are pretty excited to make it happen.
We will also provide behind the scenes on these platforms of running our company plus tips and training from our entire team and interns. We will also be sharing great deals and give exclusives to those of you following us on Snapchat.
Why should you focus on Snapchat and Instagram stories in 2017? Snapchat is one of the world’s leading platforms right now. I love that it’s a more personal way for potential clients to get to know your brand and you can be silly and funny with the filters and make yourself more personable. I also like that you don’t have to worry about how amazing your photo quality is and that you can just be yourself because even if you screw up, it’s going away in 24 hours!
I also just learned how easy it is to take your snaps within the last 24 hours and upload them into Instagram stories. Done! I think you can tell by this article that I love repurposing my content to make my life easier. SO that is why you should focus on Instagram stories. Because it will take you 5 minutes to get more eyes on your content. For us, we currently have more views on Instagram stories than Snapchat so it just makes sense.

Current 2016 Social Media Strategy We Plan to Maintain


We will continue to pin an image with every blog post and re-pin our content to our boards and group boards twice per day. I do believe that Pinterest needs to be your #1 growth strategy. The only reason that it’s not #1 for us anymore is that we know what works and we are already doing it. I am not messing with anything that is working. We are just going to continue doing what we are doing but if you aren’t doing what we are doing in the above article, start this second.


We will continue to post at least 3 times per day linking to the article of the day and lead magnets.


We’ll share our Instagram images and also share the article of the day. By the end of each day, we’ll have at least 5 posts on Facebook.

Facebook Group

We plan to continue growing our Classy Career Girl Network, the 20,000+ member community. We will share daily support around our content, lead magnets, free challenges, workshops and membership site launches. This is the group where we can actually engage with our community which we love.


We will share the article of the day on Twitter plus prior popular articles.


We will share the article of the day.

Now, your turn! What is your social media strategy?

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