6 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired
The adoption of social media platforms not just to connect but to even get job offers has increased over the years. There are numerous platforms for job seekers to build their profiles and get information on employment opportunities that may be of interest to them. With this increased use of social media comes the call for the efficient use of social media in your job hunt.
Many recruiters go through the applicant’s social media profile and activities to determine whether they are the right fit for the position. Here is how you can use your social media profiles to increase your chances of being hired.

6 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

1. Build Your Personal Brand

When a potential recruiter goes through your social media profile, he or she tries to see if what you say in your barista’s cover letters matches who you are. These online platforms aren’t a place to post embarrassing and/or inappropriate photos of yourself.
You should portray an image of an individual with expertise in a particular field, the right attitude toward work, demonstrate the qualities required by recruiters for a particular position, etc. What you post should not be at odds with the requirements of the job you aim to apply.

2. Be Active

It is not enough to have an excellent profile on social media. Take LinkedIn for example. The platform has many recruiters vs. job seekers. By being active, your profile stands out from the dormant users.
However, being active doesn’t imply posting anything and everything under the sun. Recruiters will judge you by what you post. Avoid arguments that turn ugly on social media. If you have strong opinions on, say, politics, you can have your arguments offline rather than on social media.

3. Be Up to Date With The Latest Trends in Your Industry

If you are targeting an opportunity in a particular area, you can use social media to identify those hot topics. Follow the companies that you have an interest in and share their content or start discussions around the issues. You can also make comments on the subject during an interview.
Knowing and understanding the latest trends in the industry depict you as an engaged individual and an insider.
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4. Build Your Professional Network

Social media platforms are avenues to create connections with both peers and practitioners in a particular field. Use your social media accounts to stay engaged. Send connection requests to professionals that you met at an event or someone you admire, especially on LinkedIn.
On other platforms, such as Facebook, it could get kind of weird to add professional connections. However, when you use LinkedIn, the endorsements you get on your skills give them credibility. If you can endorse a connection, do it. Chances are they may reciprocate and endorse you back on a skill that you excel in.

5. Be Disciplined in Your Approach

Being active on all your social media accounts may become overwhelming. Most people have one or two social media sites that they visit regularly. Try and schedule some of your time to check and update your online profiles.
Join in the conversation on trending topics as you review different executive cover letter samples. Refrain from vulgar or angry episodes on social media. Keep your comments professional and clean.

6. Be a Resource

As you stay informed on the latest trends in your industry, share them on your profile. You can also add comments, insights or probe along with the shared content. Make sure your profile and activity on the platforms leverage you to get a job.
Follow companies of interest to you. Read through the posts they share as you also get the sense of their company culture. It will help you in responding to interview questions if they invite you for one.
Social media can be an effective job hunting tool if you use it right. Your profile picture should depict you as approachable and professional at the same time. Build networks by sending connection invites to your peers and cold contacts too.
Leverage yourself by building your brand and staying active. Stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry and follow the companies that you have interest in. Many companies post the open positions on their social media accounts.
Apply and ensure that your profile matches what your cover letter, and resume state. Happy hunting!

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