Are Social Media Scheduling Systems Impersonal?
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Question: “Should I use a social media scheduling system if it shows the company name each time I post?” – Sandra

This is a really interesting question for me because I have been seeing this question pop up a lot in my Corporate Rescue Plan community.
So many people are worried because they feel like it is impersonal to use an outside service to schedule their social media posts. It’s an interesting mindset because I don’t think there is anything wrong with using a scheduling system. When I see someone using one, I applaud them because they are becoming more productive and more efficient with their time.
I am proud that I schedule my posts. I batch them and do all my posts for the week in one day. It’s the most efficient way to do it. You can waste a lot of time if you are constantly trying to post on social media and I have a business to run!! Here’s the big thing that you need to focus on. You need to change your mindset.

The more content you produce on social media, the more value that you provide.

The more times I can post on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram sharing meaningful content, the more value I am providing to you and the more I am helping people. If I have to use a scheduling system to help more people and to give me a little more work-life balance, I am very happy about that.
I would so much rather spend time with my daughter, husband, and parents and have posts go out automatically than care if I used a scheduling system. I wouldn’t worry about it all. I don’t think it’s a big deal.
Side note: I had social media posts going out automatically when I was in labor. My friends and family thought I was crazy and working while I was in labor.  I had to tell them afterward that it was all scheduled. My baby was born a little late so I had a lot of time on my hands to schedule maternity leave posts. 🙂
The one we use is right now is ViralTag, but there are plenty of others out there. You can read our tutorial here.
I like to use scheduling systems that I can use across all of my social media accounts. It’s tough to find one that includes Pinterest and Instagram so that is why I currently love ViralTag. I need to schedule Pinterest because it drives the most traffic currently to my site.

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