Salary Negotiation: Everything You Need to Know
Having a career website myself, I very rarely read other career blogs except for one, Career Contessa. This is why I am honored and excited to interview the founder, Lauren McGoodwin, on the podcast today. If you are job searching or have a salary negotiation coming up, you’ll definitely want to hear what Lauren has to say because she might just help you get thousands of dollars more for your starting salary. You are going to love this interview with Lauren.
Lauren Career Contessa
Lauren McGoodwin

Everything You Need to Know About Salary Negotiation with the Founder of Career Contessa

Lauren founded Career Contessa in 2013 after experiencing a gap in career development resources for women who might be job searching, soul searching, leading and managing, or trying to find new ways to advance within their careers. With women accounting for more than 50% of the workforce and the workforce being less defined than ever before, it seemed crazy (and outdated) that a resource for us didn’t exist.
Formerly, Lauren was a University Recruiter for Hulu focused on hiring, employer branding, and program management.
Career Contessa now helps over 1 million women navigate their careers each year and has partnered with a number of leading brands including Dollar Shave Club, FabFitFun, HomeAway, and Pandora, to provide their subscribers with an insider’s look at job opportunities with some of the country’s most exciting and fastest-growing companies. Lauren’s career expertise has been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Refinery29 and many other leading business and lifestyle publications.
Welcome, Lauren. We’ve both been building businesses in this same career niche for years and we’ve been talking about connecting for a long time so I am so excited that we finally get to do it today!!
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Some questions I asked:

Why did you start your company?
The Salary Project- what is the importance of salary transparency?
What made you come up with this idea?
How do you know how your salary compares to others in your field?
What are our tips for asking for a raise? Negotiating your salary? From a recruiter perspective?
What is one action job searchers can take from this interview today?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The two main topics that we are going to focus on today are salary negotiation and resumes.

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Good luck! I know you can do it!

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