Productivity Challenge Day 1: Routines and Schedules During Quarantine

If you’ve been following me on my instagram and FB page, you’ve probably heard of The Quarantine Productivity Challenge.

Because of the amazing feedback we got, I’m sharing it here on the blog and on my podcast so you can take the challenge as well. It’s super easy and fun!

I know I have felt unfocused and overwhelmed these last few weeks and I am ready to buckle down and get my planning and organization back. I will lead you but I need you as well.

I need this community for motivation to continue to pursue my dreams and I will inspire you right back. I will help you feel hopeful and organized in this time of uncertainty. All you need is a pen and paper and those are FREE.

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How to Set Routines and Schedules During Quarantine?

Let’s all come together and make progress next week instead of living life out of control. Listen to this podcast and re-gain control of your life in small baby steps each day. Commit to yourself by saying “I’M IN” in the comments and that will show that you are ready to go all in and get results you want in your career, business and life even if life feels a little chaotic right now.

Each task should take about 10 minutes each day and by the end of this week, you’ll be more productive and happier!

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Your first action – Download the FREE digital to-do list! Take a selfie with your to-do list and post it in the Facebook group to let us know you are joining the challenge!

NOTE: We just launched the brand new physical planners today! You are welcome to buy the Create Your Future Physical Planner if you prefer. 


I’m just like you. Trying to figure this unchartered territory. I’m not an expert. I’m just sharing what I have learned. And how I’ve been able to grow a company from home with 2 kids myself.

This is what I have felt the first few weeks of quarantine.

Fear. Laziness. Tired. No time for self-care. Doing everything for everyone. Cleaning constantly. Distracting myself with instagram and the news. Sleeping in. Letting kids wake me up.

What I changed with my daily routine?

Waking up before kids and working out. A little reading. A little quiet time. It’s made all the difference.

I told John when April started, not sure what but I felt better and less stressed. Like it’s going to be ok. And he looked at me and said, it’s because you’ve been working out in the morning. You are much happier.

When it comes to just taking small baby steps to control your day, it all starts with the moment you wake up.

That’s why today we are going to design your ideal morning routine. Having a plan from the moment you wake up will help make the rest of your day more relaxed.

Routines and Schedules During Quarantine Pinteret Image

If you are stuck figuring out your daily routine, ask yourself these 5 questions:

1)What routines and habits have you done in the past that made you feel good and happy?

I know I sometimes forget. When my baby wakes me up constantly during the night, I forget how much I LOVE my morning time. Life changes. You have to adapt. Some of my happiest days are when my body is sore. I really like to read a book with a hot cup of coffee and I feel better when I have time to do my gratitude writing.

2) If you could have your ideal morning, what would you do?

Design it. Sometimes we are afraid to dream. Not checking my boss emails. Sometimes we get so stuck in a rut that we forget that WE ARE IN CONTROL of our calendar. Yes, even if you have kids, you are in control. They are actually looking to you to create a schedule. My 5 year old daughter knows I have quiet time until 7 and she needs to find something else to do if she wakes up before that.

3) When do you have the most energy and feel the best in your day?

Some people are morning people. Some people are evening people. My husband loves working out in the afternoon after lunch. He gets the most energy with some sun and being outside and he likes to work out a little and then work. And then work out a little and then work. I can’t do that. I need uninterrupted focus time. So know yourself.

4) What is currently not working with your schedule?

Now this is a huge change for you but you have time to look back. What is working what is not working? Look back at the last month. Where is time wasted. When do you stress out at your kids? Every day is a new day and offers a chance to improve. For me this is bedtime every night, we are constantly trying to improve that process. In our planners, one of the questions we ask is what worked and what didn’t when it comes to looking back at the last 90 days. It’s so enlightening. We have to do this check-in on a quarterly basis.

5) What small changes to your schedule would you like to implement to improve your day?

I would suggest starting with your morning because if you can improve your morning, it can change the entire day. But it could instead be a night time routines. I used to have a routine every night after I put the kids to bed. I went through my daily habits list that we will talk about tomorrow at 10am PST. When my daughter naps, we’ve started family nap time. And it’s a second where I lay down at noon because I’m doing a lot right now.

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