Create Your Future Planner


If you are overwhelmed creating a to-do list and putting together your goals, we want to teach you a NEW WAY of planning for the next 90 days. 

There are 4 problems with the current way of creating new year resolutions and annual goals:

1. Overwhelm. 2. Lack of Focus. 3. Too Many To-Do Lists. 4. Self-doubt.

You DO have what it takes to reach your goals. You just need the right plan and guide teaching you the way.

We believe that planning should be fun and that a Great Plan = A Great Life. 

We also believe that anything is possible and that with a great planning system, you can create your future.  

It's not about buying the most gorgeous planner on Instagram or just writing down your goals on January 1st. It's about actually reaching your goals and changing your life. We want to help you eliminate the stress of breaking down big ideas into smaller ones too. 

We understand how it feels to lose focus and not know what your vision really looks like. That's why we created this proven planning system that has worked for over 35,000 women since 2016.

Get ready to feel the excitement of getting your planner in the mail and the relief of making your dream happen in 2019! 


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Make this your best year ever.  

Avoid failing and actually make this the year you make your dreams happen. Create your dream life and wake up knowing that you did it! 

Go from stuck and stressed to happy and empowered!


Classy Career Girl® was founded in March 2010 by Anna Runyan. Anna's process for finding career fulfillment has captured the hearts of women around the world and she is now bringing that same inspiration to your office by creating a shop with physical products.

Anna Runyan

The idea of creating her own physical planner was always something that Anna wanted to do since she was a young girl. She created her own 90-day system in 2014 to help her reach her own blog goals so she could achieve her dream of turning her blog into a full-time business. After seeing her goals realized and quitting her day job in 2014, her blog was already being recognized by Forbes, Wall Street Journal and People Stylewatch. She knew she needed to get her 90-day planning system out into the world so she could help even more women reach their goals, too.  

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In 2016, Anna created the "Create Your Future 90-Day Planner" for her readers to download. She quickly realized her process for accomplishing goals in 90-day increments was helping her followers launch their dream careers and businesses. 

Over 35,000 women downloaded the planner and she continuously received feedback that her readers wanted a physical planner. She decided to step outside her comfort zone and turn her digital planner into a physical product.  

Fast forward to November 2018, Anna used her own her own 90-day planning system to make her dream of creating a physical planner a reality. She created this physical 90-day planner to officially launch The Classy Career Girl Collection.

Get the Create Your Future 90-Day Planner

We have under 200 planners left of our original pink planners and once they are gone, they are gone! 

Single planner

Single Planner 

(90 Days)

Hard Cover (164 Pages)

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Annual Subscription: Create Your Future Planning Experience

4 Hard Cover Planners 

Includes access to the Create Your Future Planning Experience with Anna Runyan.