PLAN Student Spotlight: How To Find Extra Time in Your Day

Today is all about discovering how busy women create their PLAN. If you’re like me, you see other women doing all these different things and you’re like, ‘God, how do you do all those things?’ So today you’re gonna hear how busy women create their PLAN to reach their goals. We will be talking all about balance, like how to balance it all, how to make time for your dreams, and how to spend time doing what matters most with our guest, Lisa Polak.


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PLAN Student Spotlight: Lisa Polak

Some of the questions answered:

Tell us a little bit more about who you are and where you are in your career journey.

So two decades ago I was a hairstylist, and I had my parents talking about how it’s not the right career. You shouldn’t be doing this. You need to go to college. And I listened. And so I’ve been an accountant for about 20 years and I can’t stand it. I’m good at it. I just don’t like it. So initially I was thinking I would get into image consulting, and I’ve decided, after trying that for almost a year, to go back to doing hair. So right now, I’m in the process of rebuilding my confidence, getting some models, things like that. Just getting back into it. So it’s been great!

What problems and challenges were you having when it came to this summer?

Time. Of course. I have one child at home and my husband and I both work more than full time. And it’s just hard. I’m sure a lot of you out there know finding any minute where your child’s not bugging you and you have to do something at home. It’s almost impossible. That was kind of why I joined the PLAN course because I was in CRP but I wasn’t doing as much as I knew I could.

How did you come to know about the PLAN course and my planner?

I had the plan. I downloaded the 90-day plan and I printed it. And I would do it for a few days and then kind of let it go, and it would stay in my bag or wherever. And then, I believe it was when I was in CRP, you started talking about this PLAN course you were going to do, and you’re gonna try it out. I was hesitant at first because I do feel like planning is something that everyone (in my head at the time) it was just, like, Why can’t I get this, like, why don’t I understand? Like, why am I not planning it? Like, It should just be obvious. I’m not dumb, I should know, and I don’t. That’s when I just decided I was going to do it.

What did you think when you first joined the PLAN course?

I was excited. I could tell after that first training you did, I was like, Okay, this is gonna work. Like I can see how you know, you’ve built it up for us and all the different modules. I could just see how it was gonna work.

How did it feel doing the PLAN course?

I was a little nervous, especially before it started, that it wasn’t gonna work for me because, you know, we all think we’re so different and special. But the course was really just designed for anybody, like anybody could take it, no matter what their circumstances are.

What do you think would have happened if you continued along like that same routine?

I think I’ve said this before, but I always felt like I was kind of like playing business, like it was fun. Let’s make a business plan. Let’s do whatever. And now I feel like I actually see these things happening. I have deadlines in my head of when this stuff’s gonna happen. I know it’s gonna happen. Like I have a whole way to get there and this whole blueprint of how I’m gonna do that.

How do you plan it all as a busy mom?

In the mornings, I was trying to go to the gym and then come home and work on it. And then my son would hear me when I’d come in. So, like there was none of that time. So after going through the PLAN course, I realized to start going to Starbucks every morning before I go home. I’m there for about an hour every weekday. And that’s when I do my planning. The first thing I do, as I’m turning on my computer and I get my planner out, is I start writing. I’ve been reading my vision journal every morning. I’m looking at my annual plan every morning just to kind of keep that excitement going. I come home and my son wakes up when he hears me come in the door, and then he goes to school. And then I shower and get ready and go to work. It’s been really great!

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