15 Pilates Exercises for Beginners
Pilates, a fitness system for improving body strength as well as immunity simultaneously toning the overall body, focuses primarily upon a different kind of breathing technique that requires you to inhale through the nostril and exhale via the mouth. Its scope is enormous in the UK and US.
The easy-to-do exercises including simple breathing techniques in Pilates workouts seem to do wonders. Here, we explain to you how you can perform a Pilates workout at home and feel stronger and more confident.
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If you are new to Pilates, watch this video about Pilates for Beginners to understand the techniques.


Pilates is also a great workout for those aiming at weight loss. As a system of exercise, Pilates focuses both on posture and breathing. For maximum benefit, the right breathing technique is required.
To begin, sit down with the back straight. Simply do some inhalation with nostril and exhalation through the mouth for a few seconds. And then, Inhale, keep hands on the ribs and while exhaling feel the ribs expanding and press the lower ab.
Next, practice the same breathing while lying down on your back with knees folded and hands by the side. Notice your chest expanding sideways while you inhale and your abs pressing in when you exhale. Another version includes adding a pelvic tilt to the same exercise while exhaling.  Furthermore, add arm movement to this – inhale and raise the arms, exhale and circle them.

15 Pilates Exercises for Beginners

1. Hip Rolls

Lying down in the same position, get the legs closer to the body. Inhale and lift the tailbone up, exhale and move down. Do not arch the spine and remember to keep the abdomen tight, your body should be in one line. This strengthens the gluteus and the hamstring.

2. Hundreds

Lie on your back with your legs parallel to each other and knees folded. Keep your hands above the floor. Move your hands up and down. Inhale and exhale for 5 counts and hold the position.

3. Planks

Lie down in a prone position with your hands and elbows close to your chest. Inhale and lift the shoulder up but no neck movement. Exhale through the mouth, go down and press the abdomen.

4. Cat Position

Get down on the floor on your hands and knees, just as a cat does. Keep shoulder-width apart and legs hip-width apart. Inhale in a neutral position and exhale and curl the spine and scrunch the lower ab.

5. Shoulder Exercise

For increasing the strength and flexibility in the arms this is a must. Sit on your knees and stretch your arms forward. Inhale and stretch arms forward exhale and take them back without bending your elbows. Repeat for 10 counts and then sit in child pose.

6. Roll Over

Sit with back straight and knees folded in front comfortably. Place the arms forward and lengthen the spine as you inhale. Exhale and roll back and tighten without curving the spine or moving the knees.

7. Curling down

Sit with the legs folded and hands behind the head. Exhale and turn from the ribs towards one side. Repeat 5 times on either side. In another variation, keep the hands under the ribs and then twist the same way.

8. Double leg stretches

Lie down on your back with your knees folded. Pull the shoulders up. Move your legs back and forth and the arms in a circular motion.

9. Scissors hold

While lying on your back, raise one leg at 90 degrees and the other a little above the floor. Lift the shoulders such that the hands are a few inches above the ground. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then change the leg.

10. Leg Raises

Lie on your back, fold your knees, inhale and raise your legs perpendicular and exhale to bring them down to 20 degrees. Repeat this cycle for 10 counts and relax.

11. Fold Push

Lie on the back and fold your knees towards your chest. Inhale and pull your legs onto your abdomen, exhale and stretch forward. Repeat 20 times.

12. The Step-Up

Lie down on the floor and raise your right leg over the left and then vice versa as if climbing steps. Maintain Pilates’ breathing style the entire time.

13. Needle Point

Drop in the cat position. Lift one arm towards the ceiling, exhale and bend the elbow and bring towards the other arm. Repeat with the other hand and ten counts each.

14. Balancing Cat

Lift the right leg back and the left hand forward, exhale and bring them together. In another variation, you can twist one leg at a time towards the ceiling.

15. The Knee Circle

In the cat position, make circles with your knees. Repeat for both legs and in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. This will work on your thighs and legs.
Pick one or two of these exercises and start your Pilates practice today. Just remember, you need to practice while maintaining the breathing technique which is an essential part of Pilates. With the Pilates workout, you’ll feel beautiful both internally and externally. Pilates relieves stress and worries, the main sources of most of the ailments that we have today in our busy work life.

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