4 Ways Becoming a Parent Makes You More Productive at Work
Ok, we may be tired, we may not look as sharp as we did before sleep deprivation crept in and we may have a whole load of new priorities in addition to our career, but don’t let that lead you to believe that moms are inferior when it comes to the workplace. On the contrary, becoming a parent boosts our skills, makes us more efficient and allows us to assess what really matters when it comes to getting the job done. Consider these examples of ways you improve in the workplace after becoming a parent.

4 Ways Becoming a Parent Makes You More Productive at Work

1. You Have a Renewed Sense of What is Important

It’s so easy to get caught up in office politics and let work stuff get you down, but when you become a parent, you have the sudden ability to cut through the crap. Work is no longer your only priority and engaging in arguments and trivial matters just seem like such a waste of time. Having a family makes you re-evaluate what’s important in all aspects of your life and you are able to have a clearer focus on what matters and what really isn’t worth bothering about.

2. You Have New Skills

Parenting gives us so many new skills and strengthens those we already have. We become better communicators, better negotiators, better problem solvers, more organized and more adaptable. Often women feel that taking time out to raise a family is going to harm their careers. This really shouldn’t be the case. The skills and experience pre-baby are still there plus a whole host of new skills and abilities.
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3. Master Multi-Tasker

Women are already notoriously good at multi-tasking, but becoming a mom takes your ability to multi-task to ninja status. If you can handle a toddler tantrum whilst feeding a hungry baby and still unload the dishwasher, multitasking work tasks where no one is pulling at your skirt and shouting in your ear become a doddle. Seriously, being a parent means you are constantly not just managing your own time and activities but those of someone else 24/7. It really does expand your capacity to handle lots of tasks at once.

4. More to Do in Less Time

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but many moms go back to work part-time after having children. This can be a big transition to get used to. Suddenly you don’t have as much time to fit in everything you used to do in your job. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable now you’re part-time, there is often a feeling of responsibility to do just as much as we used to. This means we end up becoming very efficient at managing our time and work commitments in a bid to feel like we are doing enough.
Being a parent is amazing and it can help you be even more amazing when it comes to your work life. Don’t let anyone make you believe that you are anything short of brilliant.

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