Tips to Succeed In a Media or News Interview
Congrats! You scored a news interview! You are being interviewed live and going to share with the TV world what you do.  But wait…..did you say LIVE??!!
When the camera is rolling, the nerves come out. I know, trust me. The teleprompter is running, the camera red light is flashing and anything can happen. It’s important to get past the “News Nerves” though and push forward. Why? Because if you nail it the first time, you may get a spot on the news weekly. I know because it happened to me!
Did you know that the producers are always looking for great people to interview? If you can show them you are a great presenter and knock it out of the park, you will be asked back. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you prepare and do the best job ever. If you do a great job, you will make a connection with the news producers and they will probably call you up again to come on next week.
The best part about news media is that there is NO reason why you can’t get on the news before you quit your corporate day job. I went on the news all the time prior to quitting my day job. I would grab the 6am spot, wake up early, hit the news interview and head to my day job….I wasn’t even late!
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Here are some tips to help you succeed in a media or news interview:

1. Be flexible. When that opportunity comes (even if it is for tomorrow!) jump on it. You can do it. Don’t worry. Just say yes! You are ready!
2. Send the questions you want them to ask you and 3 sentences of how you will respond. Being on TV is not something you want to wing AND the news people want to know what questions to ask you too.
3. Practice over and over again. Have those responses down pat. Wake up early and be ready to go.
4. Get beautiful. If you need to get a hair appointment or a blow-out, get the appointments scheduled now. Maybe you need to go buy makeup, now is the time.
5. Get the word out. Let everyone know so they can watch. There is so much credibility that comes with being on the news! Add that to your featured in section on your website and get the video afterwards to promote on your blog! Now you have a video you can send around to get more news spots, congrats!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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