5 Ways to Conquer New Job Anxiety
Isn’t it funny how our nerves tend to kick in during the moments when they absolutely are not welcome? You’re getting ready to start your dream job, but instead of thinking about how much could go right, your mind is giving you a reel of everything that could possibly go wrong at your new job.
Suddenly you feel totally underqualified and like an imposter. In the interview, you fought hard for your position, you had examples of your results, and great stories to share about your wins. Now all you can think about are your failures.
Well, if you are in this situation I’d like to offer a little bit of advice based on over twenty years of corporate experience and my experience as an entrepreneur. Nerves are part and parcel of growth and expansion.
Know that everyone feels like this at some point or other. There are practical steps you can take to make sure you start your new role as the confident and talented career woman you are.

5 Ways to Conquer New Job Anxiety

1. Avoid Masking How You Feel

The first step is awareness around what you’re feeling and that your feelings are related to something in particular. You’ve already achieved that piece just by reading this post. You’ve recognized that you are feeling nervous and here you are looking for ways to process and move through it. Well done! This is a lot harder than you might think.
How often have you woken up tired, groggy, not feeling your best, and you have absolutely no idea why? You guess it could be the cheese you ate last night, or maybe you’re dehydrated or your sleep was interrupted. There are a number of reasons to choose from.
While you definitely don’t want to get bogged down in thinking about all of the reasons you aren’t feeling your best all of the time, having a basic understanding of your emotional, mental, and physical bodies and how they react to the environment can really help you move into your true power.
The first step is recognizing how you feel without feeling the need to cover it up or mask it in any way. No judgment here, just awareness.

2. It’s Okay To Ask For Support

I know you feel like you have to be strong, to keep everything together, and be brave.  But sometimes it helps to have support. Know that needing support is not a weakness, in fact, having the right support structure in place is a strength. It’s a positive thing to recognize that there are some areas that can be developed alongside someone else who has those skills.
It’s not always possible to speak to a friend or a family member about career related struggles, especially if they have no direct experience of what you’re going through.
Career coaches are great support systems. They have been where you are now and can take you through the steps you are about to go through. Having a coach will help you wade through unexpected challenges, remove self-doubt, and thrive in your new role. Together, you can work on matching strategies to specific situations so you can make the most out of your working experience.
Plus, it is so much more fun and reassuring to have an expert in your corner.
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3. Don’t Make Changes Hastily

If you are moving to a new position, avoid making big changes to the structure, team, or workflow. Try to wait until you’ve had an opportunity to gain some perspective on the situation. It’s totally normal that you will be excited and want to make your mark, but remember, most people don’t like change. Get clear on what your vision is and then begin enrolling others by sharing your thoughts and asking for feedback.
You’re not the only one who may be feeling nervous. Remember the team you are joining is likely to be very curious about you. If you’re moving into a managerial position, they are going to want to get along with you and impress you. Give the team time to connect with you and create opportunities for everyone to get to know each other. 

4. Make Self-Care A Priority During The Transition Phase

I’m sure you already have some kind of self-care routine in place. Try to take an extra thirty minutes to an hour a week for yourself and do something extra special.  Schedule it out in your calendar as ME TIME, so you know you will take it. Your ME TIME must be something that is absolutely just for you, completely unrelated to work, and must care for your body, mind & spirit.
It could be as simple as practicing a gentle yin yoga class in your spare room with some relaxing music and some candlelight. Or it could be running a bubble bath and reading that great book you’ve been dying to read for ages.
Or, if you want to get a little luxurious, book a massage at your local day spa. This time is about really taking quality time for yourself and recognizing that you need extra rest and support right now.

5. Make Peace With Yourself and Family – This Is A Priority For You And That’s Okay

A struggle we all have at one point or another is how to juggle our career and family commitments. It doesn’t matter what your family looks like, children or no children, single or married. Your family members are the social connections you see regularly. During this time, they may not see as much of you as they usually do.
The first step is to release guilt about this. You have decided that at this time, this position is what is important for you in your life.  That doesn’t mean you don’t care about your family. It might help to explain to the close people in your life that the next six months are likely to be challenging for you. Ask for their understanding and assure them that they mean the world to you.
This small action will go a long way in ensuring that you and your family feel at peace about the journey you have ahead!

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