5 Things to Find Out About Your New Boss
The interview with my new boss went really well and the company was so wowed by my resume and track record that a few hours later I got a call from my new boss with an excellent job offer. It was all too easy and straightforward just as it’s supposed to be when it’s meant for you. Right? No! Wrong!
My new boss described himself as a philanthropist who had set up a charitable foundation and talked at length at interview about how the corporate job was a tool for helping poor underprivileged children with educational opportunities.  This was great as I was developing a deep interest in these areas and it felt as if things were coming together. I was now going to be working for someone who also had similar interests. Everything felt aligned; our career aspirations and our deeper values.
Two weeks into the job I realized my boss had major challenges around personal boundaries.  As I was packing to leave for the evening my boss called a team meeting. We all stayed late and it soon became obvious that this happened on a regular basis. With little notice, just as we were about to leave, he would call a meeting. It was about control and mind games. When approaching him with a question, his body language was dismissive and abrupt. He gave me no guidance on tasks and then criticized me and made me feel incompetent. I made a HUGE mistake in accepting this job offer.
Learn from my mistakes.Here are the 5 things you should consider about your new boss before accepting a job offer.

5 Things To Find Out About Your New Boss 

1. Never Make Assumptions.

Never make an assumption that just because your future boss reads the same spiritual or personal development books as you, that you will work well together. This is no guarantee they will act honorably or have the same values as you. It’s a start but you need to be a lot more thorough before making a decision to take the job.

2. Follow Your Intuition

My intuition was screaming and holding up a red flag about my boss at interview. Despite the spiritual books, I had met this type of person before and had bad experiences. I didn’t want to be prejudiced so I ignored these feelings.
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3. Back Up Intuition With Some Facts

Do a background check before making a decision. Find out about the company culture and more importantly your new boss. LinkedIn is a great way to dig around and find someone in your network who can give you the inside track.

4. Review Ratings

How long has your boss been with the company and how is he or she rated by peers? You don’t want to work for someone who has little power or authority in the company.

5. Learn Why The Position Is Open

Find out why the vacancy is available. Is your new boss replacing somebody? You need to know why that person didn’t work out or left. If necessary, double check the story through your network. Those reasons will tell you a lot about your boss’s leadership style.

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