6 Simple Secrets to Networking for The Introvert
For some people, networking comes naturally, while others struggle to meet new people. Being an introvert makes networking even more difficult. Utilize one or more of the tips listed below, and you might just surprise yourself. Here are just a few secret tips to help you start networking like a pro!

6 Simple Secrets to Networking for The Introvert

1. Look For Interesting and Fun Events

For instance, search for local conferences, workshops, classes, galas, and special events.  You can find anything from running a 5K to blogging class to job fairs.  There are plenty of applications like Facebook and Eventbrite to help you find free or low-cost events.  Depending on the event, you can find easy topics of discussion.

2. Get Some Business Cards

No matter what your job is, you need business cards! I’ve had my own business cards.  My business cards have my name, email, cell phone #, and my linkedin.com profile link.  Keep the cards simple and utilize them as an easy way to exchange information.  When you receive cards from others, add notes to the back to help you remember key items.  You can notate the event name, date, and any important notes.

3. Send Your Follow-Up Emails (Within 24 Hours) After The Event

The email does not have to be formal, just be sure to mention the topics you discussed.  You might also want to share resources like websites, articles, and other connections.  Lastly, find them and add them to your social networks.
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4. Make Yourself Memorable!

For example, wear a colorful pair of shoes, socks, tie, purse, or some statement jewelry.  This helps you make a lasting impression on the other people that you meet at the event.  The accessories can break the ice and spark a friendly conversation too!

5. Take a Friend!

Networking can be very overwhelming if done alone.  Try inviting your family or friends to ensure you have a good time.  It will also be comforting knowing you know at least one person in the room.  This is especially good when the family member or friend is looking for a new opportunity too!

6. Make Sure You’re Prepared to Talk About Yourself! 

It would be a great idea to practice your elevator speech.  Your elevator speech is a very short description of yourself and what you are seeking.  The more comfortable you are the easier it is to communicate your hopes and dreams with others.
Follow these 6 simple suggestions and you will be networking like a PRO in no time!
Be patient and start with one step at a time so that you are not overwhelmed. As time goes on, you see this process gets easier and easier!
Good Luck & Happy Networking!

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