The Juggling Act of a Grad School Student

Note: This post was written in in 2010 while I was in business school, working full-time, and growing this blog you are reading today.

Ten months left on this journey to my MBA. Could the hardest part possibly be behind me?  During my first year, demanding core classes kept me busy day and night and I had very little time to focus on the areas of business I was most interested in.  Now that I am in my second year, I can pick electives that I want to take and I have more time for networking and exploring.

My Grad School Classes

This quarter I am taking Project Management, Management Communications and Creating a High-Performance Workplace.  I also am enrolled in a one-unit Professional Seminar where CEOs and entrepreneurs give us advice and answer questions.  I am a little over halfway through my Spring quarter with midterms completed and finals right around the corner….they sneak up on me every time!
Since I also work full time, my first year I just barely kept my head above water with loads of homework, group projects all weekend and a new role at work.  Now, I finally feel like I am in control of my life again.  Weekends are manageable and I am enjoying what I am learning in grad school and applying it at work.

What I Am Excited About

I am also excited for what is in store for summer quarter when Lab to Market kicks off.  Lab to Market is a unique opportunity at Rady School of Management at University of California San Diego where students focus on innovative opportunities and develop a business model that could potentially take one of our ideas to the market.  My class has some pretty amazing ideas and I am excited to see what we can make happen!

The Future

As the months fly by and graduation gets closer, I honestly have no idea what it will be like to just go to work and have nights and weekends free again.  These past few years have been the hardest years of my life, but I have met some amazing friends and have learned so much about myself as a manager and person.  I can’t actually juggle for the life of me but sometimes I feel like my life is one big juggling act.
According to an article in Fast Company, “The key to juggling anything, from rubber balls to sales calls, is to do it with grace.  We are all jugglers now in this time-strapped, chaotic world and we have to learn how to do it better.”

The key to juggling life is to do it with grace.

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Do you ever feel like your life is a juggling act? Have you gone back to grad school? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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