My Goals and How Everything Changed
I am so excited to tell you all about what I am focusing on this year, what my goals are, and how everything has completely changed from last year.
Of course, I’m creating my goals in our brand new 90-day planner. There’s something about this planner. I feel like my goals are going to happen this year. I’ve never felt this way before. I think it’s because I’m writing them inside of a planner that I dreamed of making. If I can do that, what can’t I do!
I’m recording this on January 10th, so my goals are super fresh. If you haven’t created yours yet, no worries! There’s plenty of time to grab the planner, and we are back in stock now. Check them out here. 
Just saying these aloud is scary but it’s good! It will help me commit so thanks for listening because I have more of a chance of reaching my goals because of this accountability. Feel free to check in on me!

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How My Goals Changed This Year:

There are so many ways my goals have changed since last year.
1. Last year I didn’t have goals. My mastermind group thought I was crazy. Who is Anna? Is she ok? Well, there is a good reason I didn’t have goals. I was pregnant and foggy. Basically, I felt like my brain was a little mushy. But I reached a lot of goals last year by winging it, it was one of our most successful years. I wanted to create our physical planner. We increased our revenue as a business. I took a three-month maternity leave. I expanded my network by doing interviews on my podcast.
2. Thinking about my blog/podcast and book writing are now my side hustles. They aren’t revenue generating right now, but I do need to make revenue, I need to support my family. We have to be focused on growing my business. But I love writing and I love helping people. I still have to grow the business, but these are the things I love to do.
3. This is our first year of having a physical product. So we are totally experimenting. I am new to figuring out how to sell a physical product. We are new to figuring out shipping. Hello out of stock for a month. Oops!
4. Business isn’t a priority. I love what we do here, business is important, But I have a lot of personal goals this year, for the first time ever. I don’t want to be a crazy workaholic. I want time with my family. This is the last 6 months before kindergarten and my daughter grew up overnight. Before August I want to soak up this extra free time.
5. No huge launches. We are going to go slow and steady. In the past, we have done huge launches, but this year we are going to do more fun things. So this means more challenges and fun community builders.
6. No new products. I am just focusing on what we already have and what works. So, really no new courses or memberships.
7. No social media goals or website traffic goals. Those never work and I never hit my targets. I end up kinda bummed. So, this year, I said: “I am just going to be myself, I am going to engage, and we are just going to see how the traffic goes.”
8. Thinking like a CEO. I read two books that really changed how I think about my business. If you want to read them, they are Traction and Profit First.
9. I feel like I can make personal goals now. Last year we moved too and it was just a crazy year. I am back to my normal self so I can make health, money and relationship goals I couldn’t in 2018. We didn’t want to go overboard with paying off debt because we wanted a cushion for the baby (Dave Ramsey advice). I couldn’t have huge health goals because I was just trying to survive and needed extra calories for breastfeeding, etc. Just getting to a gym was a goal achieved. I didn’t have much time for church or friendships because of survival.

Annual Goals and Why?

I am back to regular Anna this year, so now I can make more focused goals.
Double Our Business Revenue
So now that my focused brain is actually working, I feel like this is a possibility. This is possible without crazy workaholism and being up all night working.
Here’s the deal; the more I make that means the more people I help. That is my why. I don’t share my business income. I don’t think that’s important. I don’t promise I’ll help you make a certain amount either. It’s just how I choose to run my business. Many other people share this information and publish their income reports. I’m honest and upfront and happy to share, but this is just what I choose to keep internal to our company.
Sell 1,000 Planners
Oh man, this is scary just to say. 1,000 people using my planner! My why is thinking about all goals and dreams we will help you all reach. We are unstoppable! Think of all the dreams that will be made happen.
Write a Book, Get a Publisher & Agent by the End of the Year
This is scary. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I have published one book already so I wasn’t in the rush. I want to do it right this time and really be passionate about the topic. I want to put my heart and soul into it and share all of my stories and really help you with this book. It’s THE Book. I still go back and forth on the topic and content. Q1: write a book. Q2: Find an agent and write a proposal. Grow AR brand. Q3. Submit proposal. Q4. Get a book deal.
Just saying these aloud is scary but it’s good! It will help me commit so thanks for listening because I have more of a chance of reaching my goals because of this accountability. Feel free to check in on me!
Start Planning Your 2019!
So I’ve created my 90-day plan and know what the first month is going to look like. Starting to work the plan and it’s working! Use the planner with me!
Thank you so much for sharing that you are listening on Instagram! Thank you for sharing with others. That means s much. Thanks for the reviews too.
Before we go, one last thing. I wanted to read to you a few affirmations I have been saying to myself.
A few of my favorites lately I have been writing down are:
  • I will create the most extraordinary life I can imagine.
  • There are no limits to what I can achieve.
  • I am 100% committed to becoming the person I need to be.
  • My goals are possible.
You got this! I am cheering you on! See you next week!

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