One Month Motherhood Update
I can’t believe I have two kids! I just was telling John last night that I don’t feel old enough to be responsible for keeping two kids alive. Motherhood is not easy!
I’m enjoying having a little more writing time while on maternity leave and using this blog again as a personal journal. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more photos of the baby so I thought I’d do a post with some of her professional newborn photos and document what life has been like for our family this past month.
Motherhood with Anna and John Runyan
The Runyan Family
Anna Runyan and her motherhood journey

Photography by Megan Ann Photography

Motherhood Update: One Month After My Second Child was Born

What are some of your favorite moments from the last month?

It’s been so sweet to see the sister love between my daughters. Right from the start, my four-year-old, Mila, has been an incredible big sister with constant hugs and kisses for her new baby sister and such a big helper. It’s so special to see that relationship begin and I hope they become best friends someday. Other favorite moments from the last month have been sharing the incredible birth story with friends and family over and over again because it never gets old. Our first family walk to get frozen yogurt also ranks high on the top of the favorite moments list.
two kids - Mila and Sienna

How do you feel physically?

I’m not 100% yet. I can go on short walks slowly. I am looking forward to getting cleared by the doctor to work out again at 6 weeks. I’m letting myself take it easy and eating as healthy as I can so I feel my best. I know working out throughout my last trimester really helped my recovery. There was a day this last month when I pushed myself too much walking up and down our stairs. I couldn’t move that night. After that day, John forced me to stay in my room and not leave. He brought me food all day and I’ve really felt so much better since that day of rest. The hardest part is the mindset shift that I need to take it easy when I am used to being strong physically.
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How do you feel emotionally?

There have definitely been a lot of tears of joy and tears of stress and anxiety over the last month. Overall, I feel the best with Sienna in my arms. I feel at peace and finally able to be completely happy which has been hard over the last 2 years since my third miscarriage. Over the last two years, I felt like I was holding my breath and I couldn’t truly be myself because there was so much inner work I had to get through like getting over my fears of losing another pregnancy and working through grief. I’m so happy and blessed to be here today.

What are some habits you are trying to get back to a routine?

My husband is amazing and has been soooooo helpful at night feeding Sienna a bottle while I pump. I am exclusively pumping every 3 hours because of my daughter’s tongue tie recovery. That means even if my daughter sleeps for 5 hours at night, I have to still get up and pump every 3 hours.  It’s a bummer but I know this crazy time won’t last forever.
I am also trying to wake up with Sienna for her first feeding of the morning (usually around 5am) to start my day.  If I don’t, I will literally sleep until 10am and feel terrible that I wasted the day. Another habit I am trying to do is write in my journals. I bought this five-year journal and I’m trying to capture one thing each day for them.  It’s tough and I often forget but at least I am sort of documenting some of their childhood and I’m excited to give them each their journals someday.
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What are the worst parts of the first month with a newborn?

I have a hard time complaining about motherhood because I am so blessed by my little miracles but I have to keep it real. Having a baby with a tongue tie is an absolute nightmare. Over the past month, we’ve majorly struggled with breastfeeding because Sienna isn’t able to transfer milk because her tongue isn’t strong enough even after the surgery. Since my first daughter had the same issue, I knew on day 1 that Sienna also had a tongue tie (even when the doctors didn’t believe me!)
I’ve had mastitis which is a breast infection with all the terrible flu-like symptoms and extreme pain. Sienna and I have also both had thrush which is another painful infection. We’ve had daily trips to doctors, pharmacies, lactation consultants and chiropractors. So I’m not quite sure where the month has gone. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to enjoy this sweet newborn time which I was really hoping for this time around.
There’s been a lot of emotions when you realize you can’t feed your daughter and when other people have to bottle feed your daughter while you are connected to a pump. On a positive note, Sienna is gaining so much weight and my milk supply is way more than what she needs. I already have over 300 ounces of breastmilk in my freezer and her tongue strength is getting stronger every day. I know that the tongue tie laser surgery works because we did the same process with my first daughter and we nursed for two years! So I have hope and determination and Sienna is learning early she can’t get away with doing it the easy way. Runyans work hard even when it comes to eating! 🙂
Motherhood Update with The Runyans
One Month old Sienna Runyan

What is Sienna like and what changes have you seen in the last month?

Sienna is now opening her eyes really wide and moves her head around to follow us around. She loves looking around discovering the world and is growing so big. Sienna is almost as big as Mila was at 3 months and the pediatrician is very happy about that. She’s a happy baby and so chill. She currently won’t take her pacifier because it’s hard for her to suck but we are working on her exercises with her every day. She loves baths with her big sister. She is constantly smothered with kisses and anytime she cries, Mila is right there to help.

How are you handling life with two kids?

It’s tough! My 4-year old goes to part-time preschool three days a week from 8:15-11:15. It sounds nice to have a few hours but those hours FLY by. I feel like it’s already time to pick her up right when I get home because I am so busy changing diapers and feeding Sienna. When it comes to handling two kids, the second kid is SO MUCH easier because I know what I am doing already as a mom. I can go out to eat at a restaurant with a baby. I can go for a walk with a baby. I can even run to the grocery store with a baby. All these activities seemed completely impossible at one month with my first daughter.

You normally work a lot running your own business. What is it like not working while on maternity leave?

I’ve had so many more ideas and inspiration since I have been off the grid. It’s so important to take time off. I’ve been doing more reading and writing which is my passion. When I come back (tentatively planning October 1st) I’m excited to put some new things in place for Classy Career Girl that will make it better than ever. I’ll be way more motivated and excited to work with our members in our membership sites and I can’t wait to get back! One thing is for sure though, my work will look a lot different. My priorities have changed again and my husband and I have no childcare planned for Sienna. We want to soak up this time with her as much as possible and will be putting processes in place to be able to continue doing the things we love in our business while still spending time with our new family of four.

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