9 Male Dominated Careers that Women Are Totally Crushing
There’s nothing stopping you from going against the grain and choosing a career field that’s typically thought to be male dominated. Many of these male dominated jobs pay exceptional salaries and can most definitely be performed by either gender. In addition, you’ll have the chance to be a trailblazer and open doors for other women who want to break traditional gender stereotypes in the workplace.

Here are 9 male dominated careers that women are totally crushing:

1. Law Enforcement

Although the number of women entering law enforcement has steadily grown in recent years, this career field is still largely dominated by men. If you choose to enter this field, you can work as a police officer who handles everything from issuing traffic citations to arresting suspected criminals. You’ll undergo specialized training on how to use firearms and tactical gear and be expected to maintain a good fitness level.

2. Attorney

You can also choose to work as an attorney if the legal field interests you. Although a lot of schooling and hard work will be required to pursue this career, being an attorney comes with great rewards. In recent years, some of the top attorneys in the United States have been women who have a high success rate in winning cases. Suzzanne Uhland’s law blog is just one example of an online resource that includes information on scholarships for women that can ease your financial burden while studying for your law degree.

3. Technology

If you have an analytical mind and a knack for computers, the technology field may be the perfect fit for you. You will be responsible for resolving a variety of technical issues and may be expected to perform hardware repairs. You may even have the chance to develop new software programs that can change the face of technology. In addition to working on computers, you can also branch out to develop new applications for mobile phones.

4. Accounting and Finance

Surprisingly, this field is still seen as a mostly male industry. Some women have even expressed concerns over unequal pay, and you can influence positive change if you have advanced financial education and training. Demonstrating your skills in bookkeeping, payroll management and other accounting-related tasks will help you excel in this industry. It would also be wise for you to learn about all the latest accounting software programs that can put you even more ahead in the game.

5. Culinary

Here’s another surprising industry that’s still largely overseen by men. In fact, most executive chefs in the United States are men who often make higher wages than their female counterparts. You once again have the opportunity to prove yourself and open doors for more women by entering this field. Although you may find it exhausting to constantly prove your worth, showcasing your skills can help you obtain the higher pay and respect you deserve. One of the best ways to get ahead in this field is to attend culinary school and practice preparing lavish meals for friends and family.

6. Plumbing

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, becoming a plumber may be a great career choice. Plumbers are known to make excellent salaries, and many of these professionals end up owning their own businesses. You’ll have to learn how to fix and repair old pipes, install plumbing fixtures and use certain tools to unclog drains. To give yourself an even greater advantage in this industry, you should volunteer to be on-call 24/7 so that customers will be more inclined to hire you.

7. Auto Mechanic

For an even more groundbreaking experience, becoming an auto mechanic can help you set a new standard in the automotive industry. Although this career field is almost entirely dominated by men, that shouldn’t stop you from becoming a mechanic if you’re passionate about working on cars. In addition to performing oil changes, brake repairs and other common services, you may have to learn how to perform more extensive repairs.

8. Aviation

If you want to enter the aviation field without taking on the stereotypically female role of being a flight attendant, you can train to become a pilot. You can choose to either fly chartered aircrafts or commercial planes. There’s even the option of flying airplanes that transport cargo. When you fly an aircraft, you’ll be able to travel to exciting locations as part of your job and challenge the notion that only men can be pilots.

9. Science

There’s still a demand for more women to enter this field. After you’ve completed all the necessary education programs, you’ll be able to pursue a variety of career options in this industry. You can work as a physicist or chemist and may even have the chance to discover new scientific breakthroughs. A career in behavioral and social sciences will allow you to analyze the effects of human or animal behaviors if you choose this particular path.
Just because a certain career path is thought to be male dominated, that still shouldn’t stop you from going after your own career ambitions. If you’re willing to do the hard work and excel in your field, you can bring about positive changes for womankind.

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