CLASS Member Spotlight: Kimberly Pichot From Career Success Inc

We are down to the last incredible woman I’ve had the chance to interview in my CLASS Livecast.

These amazing women all launched their dream careers and businesses in a wide variety of different markets.

You will hear from my current CLASS students and they will share how they did it with LITTLE time and LITTLE MONEY and how you can do it too!

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Kimberly Pichot From Career Success Inc

CLASS member Kimberly Pichot from Career Success Inc
Kimberly Pichot
Business Coach
Complete Success, Inc

Kimberly Pichot is the Founder of Complete Success, Inc. and the SuccessMAP Academy where they help women around the world start and grow healthy and sustainable businesses that fulfill their lifetime dreams. Her mission is to connect with each woman she works with and help them create a business that gives them the flexibility they’ve dreamed of and helps them give back in their unique way.

The SuccessMAP Academy is Kim’s signature program that has helped hundreds of students, including small retailers, online businesses, business coaches, consultants, and other service providers. Together they streamline your business, put repeatable systems in place, and help you break through the barriers holding you back. Her life purpose is to be connected, energized and purposeful while helping others find their way.

Kim’s #CLASSwins

Here are some of her WINS she have achieved since joining CLASS community:

“Launching a 5-day challenge, creating materials for my first course and getting ready to upload it to my online course and membership.”


I had so much fun talking and getting inspired by these women’s journey.

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CLASS Member Spotlight - Kim Pichot From Career Success Inc Pin

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