Inspirational Multitasking Female Celebrities
It usually helps to look around us to find the inspiration we need to pursue our goals, however unattainable they may seem to be at times. And perhaps the first examples we will look to are celebrities. Women have a proven ability to multitask and, as a matter of fact, we have been doing it for centuries. This has translated into our capacity to take on different jobs and projects without neglecting any of them, despite the pressure we may find ourselves under. So, along these lines, why don’t we take a look at some inspirational celebs that have succeeded in doing more than one job, and have had no fear of committing to new adventures? Here are just a few of them.

Inspirational Multitasking Female Celebrities

Not one, not two, but three jobs:
Gwyneth Paltrow is a great first example. This 44-year-old American actress, known worldwide for her acting career, is also a best-selling author. In addition to recently launching her perfume line, Paltrow was #1 in the New York times bestselling book list, with her work “It’s All Easy,” which includes weekday recipes for “the super-busy home cook” (just like her, actually). But that’s not all; Gwyneth also has a traveling app called “G. Spotting” and in 2008 she set the weekly lifestyle online publication Goop in motion. So these are just a few reasons why she’s at the top of our list when we talk about multitasking and pursuing the things you like to do.
Academy Award nominee Jennifer Tilly (Bullets over Broadway) is yet another inspiring example of someone that has more than one job and really puts her heart in it, succeeding at whatever she does. In addition to starring in many blockbuster movies, Tilly is an acclaimed card player, as well as a very talented voice-over performer, as she showed us in the (vocal) role of Celia in Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.
Adorable southern girl Reese Witherspoon is another adventurous entrepreneur. The super famous actress is behind the retail brand Draper James, which specializes in clothing and accessories, as well as home decor and fashion trends in general. Draper James actually sold out many of its products after a few hours of its launch in 2015. But Witherspoon doesn’t stop there: she also used to own a production company called Type A Films.
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And the list goes on:
Queen B, as it couldn’t be otherwise, also has a side job – in addition to singing and acting – this being the 22 Days Nutrition project. Following the successful nutritional program (in which she and Jay-Z tried a vegan diet for 22 days) that had worked for her, Beyoncé partnered with her trainer Marco Borges and launched this business, which delivers healthy meals to your doorstep.
And last, but not least, we cannot forget about Angelina Jolie. As we all know, unless you’ve been living in an alternative universe, she is a special envoy for the UNHCR and in 2003 she received the United Nations first-ever Citizen of the World Award for her work in helping refugees. But what you might not know is that Jolie also has a winery that produces the brand Miraval Rosé, which she shares with her ex-husband. So while she’s not busy acting, or traveling around the world, she’s visiting her vineyards in the French commune of Correns.
I’m not saying that we can handle these many jobs, it’s true that in a more “down-to-earth” life, in which economic barriers usually also set the limit of our dreams, handling many projects at the same time is complicated. But the truth is that it all starts with believing in ourselves. No matter how hard it may seem at the beginning, we have the ability to drive our lives – and projects – towards the places we want and the first step is to understand what we actually like and are good at. So go for it! Make it your New Year resolution, and dare to pursue what you really want. 

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