Work Life Balance: How to Unwind After a Busy Week
I had so much fun reading all of your great ideas on my question about how you unwind after a busy week.  Sometimes I am so stressed from the week it is really hard for me to unwind and relax on the weekend.  My goal was that together we could help each other out and share our ideas for a relaxing weekend.  Here are your fabulous ideas!

Work Life Balance: How to Unwind After a Busy Week


Jill recommends a wonderful mani-pedi with a 10 minute massage and celeb mags!  Hotmess’s favorite way to unwind is a massage and Diva and R.M Gilbert say that baths help a lot! Oh that sounds wonderful!  Doesn’t it just make you relax just thinking about pampering yourself?  I can feel the stress lifting off my shoulders already.  Good thing it is Friday!


Urban Muser recommends a good run and Enjoy Country Living loves to hike. Shelly hits the gym or running track before she celebrates the weekend because it helps her sleep much better. Ag. goes to the gym to help release the stress of the week, Krizia recommends a fitness boxing class at the end of the week and Deepa heads to yoga.  I am loving all of you motivated ladies!


According to Jersey Diva Mom, a Guinness works every time! JeanHasBeenShopping says that a glass of wine really helps to clear out the tension and stress. Rach likes to go out for dinner and drinks with her girlfriends after a long week.  I have to agree with these ladies!  A glass of white wine at the end of the week is perfection!
Art Garden Diva likes to paint to relax and R.M. Gilbert likes to read a book.


Glenny and Radhika like to spend time with their pets, enjoy the peace and quiet and watch television. Isn’t it amazing how a pet can just put a smile on your face the second you get home and help you forget about work?  Wish I had one….. (maybe a graduation present from the hubby??)
Angie relieves stress by completing the little tasks she didn’t get to during the week. Getting these things done before jumping into a new week gives her a great sense of relief and peace. I have to agree with Angie because I will stay late at work on Friday night just to make sure that I don’t have to think about work during the weekend! It is so worth it!

I hope you all have a VERY RELAXING weekend!!  What are you doing this weekend?

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