How To Move Your Career Forward

Today’s post is written by Jesse Langley who specializes in writing about education, personal development, and career building and writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University.

Many bright and capable women find themselves in jobs that don’t seem to be going anywhere. Maybe you initially accepted this job because you were desperate at the time and you thought you’d be able to find another job without much trouble. You may have taken the job thinking it was the first rung in the career ladder, but your manager seems to be quelling any hopes of advancement.
If you think you’re doing everything right but your career is stalled, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Here are a few tips for moving your career forward:

Continue Your Education

Continuing your education gives you more skills and specialized knowledge that you can use in your career. An undergraduate or graduate degree on your resume instantly lets potential employers know that you have extra training and specialized knowledge and that you are dedicated to your career. An MBA program incorporates leadership skills and real-world scenarios to prepare you for supervisory positions in the future.
Your life may already feel packed if you work full-time and take care of your children whenever they’re not in school. Enrolling in an on-campus program may not be an option because you would need to give up family time or cut back your hours at work, which would make money even tighter and put your career on hold. A more viable option for many busy women who want faster career progression is an online graduate program. You can fulfill all or most of your course requirements online so that you get professional experience and academic experience simultaneously.

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You may be an outstanding employee. Your work is always high-quality and finished on time, you’re able to work as a team member and take a leadership role when appropriate and you are able to come up with creative solutions to unexpected problems. The catch is it is hard to move your career forward if people don’t know about your talents. Professional networking exposes you and your talents to individuals in your field who can help you grow.
Take advantage of every opportunity to meet people from other departments in your company and from similar departments in other companies. Don’t be afraid to set up a business lunch with managers who seem friendly and have connections. Conferences and professional development workshops can lead to beneficial contacts, too. Online, join professional networking sites, such as Linkedin, to increase your name recognition and industry links.

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Build Your Resume

Keep your resume current so you can tweak it and send it off quickly when new positions open up. Since your resume can determine whether you get an interview, it needs to be impressive. Volunteer work is an option for learning new skills in a low-pressure environment. You can list your new skills on your resume and include your volunteer projects in another section.

Final Thoughts on Moving Your Career Forward

A stagnant career or low-level job is a frustrating situation, but it’s important to set your sights high. You can take action to move your career forward by finding the perfect job or getting that promotion.
More education, volunteering experience, networking are all options that are under your own control. Keep looking for opportunities so that you can grab them when they come along. Keeping doing these things and you will get unstuck and move your career forward.


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