How To Get The Promotion You Know You Deserve
In less enlightened times, managers and bosses assumed that women were satisfied with lower level jobs. Women were expected to understand that men were generally a family’s main breadwinner and that their promotions should be prioritized.
In recent decades, however, these sexist ideas have been largely vanquished as women are becoming a force in upper-management. Still, the process of climbing the workplace ladder presents some challenges.

Here are four tips to help you get the promotion you deserve:

1) Perform Great Work

Before worrying about taking special steps to gain a promotion, it is important to become one of the company’s most valuable workers. Staying late when necessary, ensuring that one’s work goes beyond the basic job description and maintaining a productive and positive attitude can help you be considered for a promotion.
It can also help to jump at the chance to fix problems that arise; most promotions require workers to perform management tasks and solve problems. Demonstrating this ability can help.

2) Let Your Boss Know You Want a Promotion

It is hard to get the promotion if no one knows you want it! The workplace is less sexist than it was in the past, but there are still problematic stereotypes and ideas that linger. Bosses sometimes think that women are less interested in promotions than men. Instead, you should take steps to ensure that your boss knows that you are seeking a promotion and fight for that promotion. A simple email or casual mention during a meeting may be enough to get the point across.

3) Assert Yourself

When the opportunity arises, make sure you show your abilities and skills to those who make promotional decisions. Assertiveness shows that you have the confidence necessary to succeed further up the career ladder. Further, a bit of self-promotion may help you boss realize certain facts that he or she had not thought about before. Emphasize areas where you made the difference between success and failure and don’t be afraid to brag about yourself during self-assessments and performance review conversations.

4) If Promotions Aren’t Coming, Be Proactive

Sometimes, it’s necessary to play hardball. Getting additional education in leadership and management training can help send the message that you are serious about being promoted. Asking for a meeting to explain your qualifications and asking how you can obtain a future promotion can help. Even telling your boss that you are considering looking for another job may get their attention. (Note: Use this tip cautiously.  You don’t want to appear that you aren’t passionate about the company). If none of this works, it may be worth looking at other opportunities so that you can find a work environment where you can succeed.

Climbing the corporate ladder often demands a certain attitude. If you continue to perform great work while showing your boss how valuable you are to the company, you will get the promotion you deserve.

Today’s post is written by Alex Summers. 

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