How to Get Over Your Speaking Fears (VIDEO)
Speaking in front of a crowd is the average person’s worst fear.  Many introverts (like me!) would rather do anything else but speak in front of a crowd.  Today I am going to tell you exactly how I have been able to get over my presentation fears and how I prepare for presentations.  I actually have TWO presentations at University of Redlands and University of California, San Diego coming up so  I will be using these tips in the weeks ahead!:)
People need to hear what you have to say. You can’t be scared because people will miss out on what you have to say.  The audience is pulling for you so don’t be critical and scared of screwing up. They want you to succeed. the audience is SUPPORTING you.

Tune in to learn exactly how to get over your speaking fears and prepare for a presentation:

Here are a few tips you will learn in the video:

  1. Prepare ahead of time: I write down my presentation beforehand in a word doc.  I do best when I know what I am going to say on each slide. I try to memorize and remember the key points of each slide.
  2. Focus on the intro and conclusion: These are the two most important parts of your presentation. The introduction sets the stage. If you forget what you are going to say in the intro, you are going to go downhill from there. You want engagement from the audience so you can get confidence in the very beginning. In the conclusion, you want to nail home your main points and the most import information from your entire presentation.
  3. Scope out the room and know where you are going to be speaking: Get there early. Visualize yourself giving a GREAT presentation.
  4. Engage and involve the audience as much as possible: Ask questions and make them think.  Then it is more of a conversation and the audience’s attention isn’t just on you the whole time.
  5. Think positive: Often we think about the negative and how we are going to fail and what if we screw up. But, you need to get past those fears. Instead think, “Yes, I am going to give a great presentation!” When I think about helping people in the audience that is when my fears are gone. If you keep practicing, it will get easier, I promise. It gets less scary. Ask to give a presentation at work, it will show your boss and co-workers so much about your expertise!

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