3 Tips To Get Out Of Your Own Head When Posting on Social Media

3 Tips To Get Out Of Your Own Head When Posting on Social Media


On this video, I am going to share with you how to get over the awkwardness of posting on social media. You’ll learn how to get out of your own head and past the fear that you have when it is time to hit the publish button. If you are scared of what others might think of your posts and trying to figure out what you should even post when you launch your business, make sure you listen to this episode!

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In this video: Get Out Of Your Own Head When Posting On Social Media

  • How to get over the fear and awkwardness when posting your very first posts on social media
  • How I create a social media plan and schedule my content
  • How I batch my content and the best way to come up with ideas for what to post
  • Who you should NOT be posting for or worrying about when it comes to coming up with content ideas.


Tips from this episode:


IMPORTANT: Your family and friends are not your market. Don’t post for them.

Post for the people that need you.

If you know you have a problem that you can solve, you need to find those people that need your help. They are waiting for you!

  1. Become more focused on your mission, purpose and your why than what other people will think.  People are waiting for you right now. They need you! Be less worried about yourself and more concerned about the challenges your market is facing right now. My hair is never perfect, neither is my makeup. But that woman in her cubicle stuck and depressed at work, I need to help her. She is why I hit publish everyday. I am going to say the wrong thing and mess up, but in this video, I hope to help one person.
  2. Have a plan social media plan. If I have a social media plan, it’s a lot easier to post. I already know the type of content I should post and the days I will post. I’ve already planned the content and how it matches my overall marketing calendar. Most people skip this and sit on social media looking at reels and other people’s accounts before posting because they don’t know what to post. Spend 15 minutes and do some brainstorming. Set a timer. Answer client questions. I created the next 10 topics for my youtube videos based on questions that I have been asked lately. If one person has the question most likely others do. Recycle what has worked. Create content and use it again and again! What did well? Post it again!
  3. Schedule your social media posts each week. I schedule everything on Mondays and then it goes so I only have to worry about what other people are going to think once. I don’t have to worry when someone is going to see something because it’s going out when I am helping a client, writing a blog post or hanging out with my kids, etc.

Most importantly, in order to get out of your own head, remember that you know how to solve a problem and your market is waiting for you to hit publish. You’ll learn so much after you start taking action. Post consistently for 90 days and you will have created an impactful account that helps people and you won’t have to worry about the awkwardness of posting anymore!


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