Home Design: How To Make Your Home Easier to Clean
Who doesn’t dream of a home that is aesthetically designed and clean all the time.  A beautiful home is no easy task but it can be achievable.

Home Design: How To Make Your Home Easier to Clean

1. The Floors 

The floor is the most used and often the dirtiest too. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices, but nothing matches the impervious abilities of stained concrete with a protective sealer. It is easy to mop and sweep. Other options include hardwood floors and luxury vinyl tile or laminates.

2. The Upholstery

An easy to clean stain resistant upholstery is what you need. The majority of us prefer leather because of kids running around. Though I have nothing against it except for just one concern – the color choices people usually make. Who says charcoal gray, taupe, black, brandy or chocolate colors aren’t dandy. Well, they add a bit of jazz and drama like no else. Just remember, ivory and white may suffice your taste, but they do get dirty very easily.
Or go for vinyl upholstery! It has come a long way since its inception; from its plastic look to the upscale exterior it has now. Designer brands too can be great if your budget allows. You can find some great options like leather or textures that imitate fabrics.

3.The Tiles

The wide array of variety available will make you fall in love with the carpet tiles. You’ll find that they are easy to vacuum just like the other options but do you know what’s best about carpet tiles? You can take out a single tile and clean it so that it’s good as new!
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4. The Walls

Invest in scrubbable wall paint. This applies to homes with teenagers and adults and not just homes with kids. Paint gets dirty over time. A dirty looking wall paint is as embarrassing as a wall art done by your three-year-old on the living room wall. Selecting a good quality scrubbable paint ensures that you can clean it whenever it looks a little spotted. And since it is of good quality, you don’t need to consider re-painting the entire wall very often.

5. The Wall Coverings

Another state of the art, high-end option is wall coverings. Well, the older options may be difficult to clean, but the more recent ones like the vinyl coverings are better for cleaning. If you want to give your house a luxurious feel, think beyond vinyl that imitates grass cloth, silk, or linen. Wall coverings are affordable and can be cleaned easily.

6. The Furniture 

This is one of the best house cleaning tips that I can give you. Find furniture with casters and use them for your dining table or any other heavy furniture. These will make moving your furniture so much easier when cleaning, mopping and vacuuming the area without needing to actually move the furniture.

The Bottom Line…Go for a minimalist home design.

A minimalist design is not only an option to save money, but also great for keeping your home clean and decorated all the time. A minimalist design doesn’t take much effort or time to vacuum or clean up yourself.

So what is your pick? Let us know or if you have any additional home design ideas!

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