5 Steps To Negotiate a Higher Salary
Our topic today is one that is really needed. It’s all about salary negotiation. There are some new studies and new laws out we should know about and this is going to be a really informational podcast. Money is hard to talk about. You know salary is a topic that is going to come up so it’s great to be prepared before you walk into your next interview.

5 Steps You Need To Know To Negotiate a Higher Salary

  1. Make a list of your greatest accomplishments. This will give you the confidence you need to negotiate a the higher salary. Anything that relates to numbers, dollars and percentages. This gives you leverage to go in and negotiate. Make sure your accomplishments relate directly to the job you are applying for.
  2. Know your number. Do research on Glassdoor or Indeed. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has an occupational outlook handbook. This tells you the salary and the working conditions and anything you want to know about any position. Network with others that are in the same position and ask the what the average salary is. Many people don’t love to talk about what they make so use this example. “What’s the general range would you say?” Also determine what the least amount is that you would take. The most important part is that you have an exact number in mind. If you come in with a an exact amount, chances are you’ll get closer to that number.
  3. Let the hiring manager make the offer first. If you let them give you an amount first, you’ll get closer to what you want. If someone asks you what your ideal salary is, you want to come back to them with, “I’m very interested in this position but I think you know better what I would be worth to you than I know.” This is a way of getting them to tell you first what the range is. You can also say, “I will consider any reasonable offer.” You want to open this dialogue. At least try not to be the one who says the salary first.
  4. Have courage! Many people are worried that negotiating will make them lose out on the opportunity. It’s actually the exact opposite. They actually expect you to negotiate a salary. Have courage and don’t just accept any number. There’s only so much wiggle room. If they say they can pay you $70K a year, you really don’t want to negotiate $5-$10K over that. You can’t go too far above the initial offer. Many people will shy away from negotiations. Women shy away from them more than men. You have to use your emotional intelligence and get an idea for the other person and how far you can push the line. Negotiate, but within reason. Every company will be different in regards to the timeline.
  5. Get creative. If the offer is not up to your standard, you can always negotiate other things like a sign on bonus or other types of compensation. Flexible schedule and remote work is another idea. With technology, you can do a lot of your meetings from home. You can also ask for a few weeks longer in vacation. You can even ask for a clothing allowance depending on your industry. Think outside the box if the salary amount is not what you would really love. There are other things that can really make up the perfect job.
IMPORTANT LEGAL UPDATE: Do some research on your state and counties to find out if it’s illegal for hiring managers to ask you what you make in your current position. In many states, this is now illegal to be asked. In California, Delaware and New Jersey you can’t ask this question. There are other states like Oregon in 2019 where the law will be going in place. This is becoming a question that is now not being able to be asked. If they ask you, by law you do not have to answer.



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Heather Austin

What Women Need To Know About Negotiating a Higher Salary

Our guest:
Heather knows first-hand the overwhelm and frustration of the job search. For the past 13 years, she has taught thousands of students how to build their personal brand so that they can land their dream job and succeed in the marketplace. As an Academic Dean, she had the privilege of hiring hundreds of faculty members. Under her direction, her team surpassed student retention and program growth goals. Since then, Heather has started her own business where she works one-on-one with her client’s helping them find a career that brings true happiness and fulfillment. She is most active on her YouTube channel where she publishes videos every week about career guidance and new business development. On her downtime, this mother of 4 enjoys movie nights with her kids and group fitness classes at her local gym.
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Some questions I asked:

What are the steps involved to negotiate a higher salary?
What are some mistakes people make when negotiating their salary?
Is salary inequality a real thing?
What do women need to know?
What’s the best way to find the average pay for the job you want?
What about if you ‘ve been in your job for a while, how do you negotiate?
How can the tips you’ve shared relate to other areas of life? Buy a car or buy a home?

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