Here is Anna’s Exact To-Do List Template
This weekend I gave out my exact to-do list template to my newsletter subscribers. I have received so much great feedback about the template that I wanted to share it with my blog readers today as well.
This past week I have been reading Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell.  So many good things in this book, but the best one that I want to share with you is the to-do list template.  So I must say that I recreated the exact to-do list template from his book, this is not my creation. But, I think you will find it as handy as I did.

Work Smarter, Not Harder To-Do List Template

This template is based off the fact that it’s not how hard you work, it’s how smart you work. It is also based on the 80/20 principle that 20% of your time produces 80% of your results. As a leader, you always will have to juggle three or four high-priority projects successfully and this template will help you do that.  The template is broken into the following categories:
1) Phone calls to make: Who do you need to call today?
2) Personal notes: What personal things do you need to get done today? DMV, laundry or post office errands?
3) 20/80 Time: These are the high importance and high urgency tasks that need to be completed today. Assign yourself a time limit for these tasks and get them done first! These items are the most important to your success.
4) List of things to do: These are high importance but low urgency so if they don’t get them done today, it will be OK.
5) List of things to delegate: These are low importance and high urgency. Get these off your plate and delegate them!
That’s it! Don’t you love it? Seriously, I used this template every morning last week and it really helped me stay focused.
So, here it is:
Click here to download the template.
Instructions: Before you do any tasks, print out this template right away each morning and start completing it. Even better, print it out the night before and have it completed. That way, when you get to work, you can grab your coffee and start completing your already prioritized to-do list.

Would love to hear how this to-do list template helped you. Comment below and let me know what you think!

Have a great week!


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