4 Things We Did To Grow Our Classy Career Girl Brand

Your content will attract your ideal clients. It’s about quality over quantity and knowing what your message is first. There is so much noise right now. You need to stand out. You have to put more time and thought into making it great.

Why is this important? You want to elevate your brand above the rest. This will allow you to charge the price you are worth.


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The 4 Things We Did To Grow Our Classy Career Girl Brand

In the beginning, it’s about getting that first post up. Just start somewhere. But, if you have a post up already, I want you to be more thoughtful about your next post. Maybe take a couple more minutes to make it great rather than ok.

Now you can think about it more. In the beginning, it’s just getting it up and making it work. Now you might be ready for a rebrand. When CRP started, branding wasn’t even a module. Now I’m at a point in my business where I know how important it is. No one else is out there doing what I do because of my brand. A brand is what will help me reach my dream and goal.

  • Consistency: Your audience will start to expect your posts, podcasts, Instagram stories, or Facebook group posts once you have a schedule.
  • Serving: It’s all about answering your audience’s questions.
  • Messaging: How do you want them to feel when they see your content. What things represent your brand and what things don’t?
  • On Brand: Create a brand board. Everything should look the same and people should be able to recognize your font, your colors, and the way you speak.

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