Great Reads You Missed This Week at Classy Career Girl
I’m sure you’ve been busy this week, right? That’s why at the end of every week, we put together a list all those amazing articles that were published this week on CCG. This past week, we published some incredible articles with important social media updates, tips for working at home, and advice on how to build your business.

Here’s a list of the articles you missed on CCG this week:

What to Post on Social Media According to Buzz Spotter, Tina Wells
Ever felt clueless about what to post on social media and how all the different types of social media platforms relate? Us too.
How to Get New Ideas When You are Feeling Stuck
Not being able to come up with fresh new ideas is a terrible experience, especially when you have a deadline and you know time is a factor. Your problem may be as simple as not getting enough sleep, or it may be something a little more serious like you have just burned out. It’s time to get out from being stuck and learn a few little things you can do start being more creative and innovative in your work and life.
1 Crucial Step to Building a Business With a Day Job
Usually I give you a few different steps to create a business or find a dream job on this blog. But, today I am narrowing it down to one really important thing. One crucial thing I did to turn my side hustle into a full time-business. The one major thing that really helped me launch my business while working my day job on the side.
Working from Home has Benefits, but These 4 Drawbacks are Worth Considering
The number of people working from home has reached its highest number in the recent years. There are many benefits to working from home. First, flexibility is one of the greatest benefits since you can usually create your own schedule when you work from home. Second, working from home is that it saves money in fuel costs and occasionally, childcare expenses. Third, a person who works from home can explore several fruitful projects instead of putting his or her eggs in one basket and one employer.

Classy Career Girl Wants to Help Women Make a Difference
Here at CCG, our team is currently participating in Jennifer Kem’s Brand Story Challenge. We wanted to share with you some of our behind the scenes stories of how CCG started and WHY we do what we do. If there is one thing that is clear by deep diving into our brand and our story, it is that we are on fire to help you women around the world make a difference with their gifts and talents. That is the core of everything we believe here at CCG and what every article, course and social media post is all about.
5 Major Social Media Updates: Spoiler Alert! Everything’s Changed
Social media has evolved over the years and continues to grow and change. Today we are coming to a point where new platforms are taking the lead and you absolutely have to stay up to date if you want to maintain your audience. Below are some recent changes to some of your favorite social media platforms.

Productivity Planner Giveaway: This Week’s #ClassyCareerGiveaway!
We’ve teamed up with some amazing friends and partners to bring you FOUR weeks of incredible #classycareergiveaways just in time to get organized this spring! This week we are giving away a Productivity Planner to TWO lucky people.
How to Succeed With the New Instagram Algorithm
This is making a lot of people worried! It’s a new Instagram Algorithm that changes how you view your feed. If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram is now headed in the direction of Facebook and Pinterest where unless your followers are liking and commenting on your posts, they may not see what you post any longer.
6 Easy Habits of Really Happy People
Happiness is the ultimate goal of every person on earth. It is a form of satisfaction and fulfillment of one’s needs, wants and achievements. Although there are many things in life that can rob happiness from you, it is worth discovering the simple secrets to happiness. Seeking help whenever you can happens to be one of the best approaches to ensure that nothing can make your life miserable. Let’s have a look at the top secrets of happy people.
How to Launch a Career as a Motivational Speaker
Speaking for a living is something that many people dream of, but few people actually achieve. There’s something incredibly exhilarating and rewarding to know that your voice and thoughts can impact people in a positive way and solve some of their day-to-day problems.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday and we’ll see you here again next week!

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