5 Things New Graduates are Looking For in a Job
As more new graduates take over positions once filled by Baby Boomers, the workplace evolves to meet the demands of new employees. Thriving businesses are focusing on the employee experience, whether through a personalized workplace that focuses on the individual’s experience or as a whole entity in order to meet the demands of Millennials. Modern technology, like apps and social media, are increasingly important for businesses that want to thrive in the digital age.

5 Things New Graduates are Looking For in a Job

1. Social Media Presence

Creating a business presence on social media isn’t just a way to generate more sales, it is also an increasingly popular way for new graduates to seek employment. Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are popular among Millennials. These offer new graduates a first look at businesses, but the demand for an online presence extends beyond offering potential employees an insider view of the workplace.
Along with using online resources to explore company benefits, a recent study indicates 80 percent of job seekers expect to use their smartphone to assist in their job search. To meet the demands of tech-friendly graduates, digital workplace trends focus on creating mobile-friendly employment applications combined with an approachable social media presence. The demand for web designers may see an increase as more technology-focused graduates enter the workforce and seek positions using online sources.

2. Health Promotion Programs

Healthcare initiatives are a bonus that new graduates actively search for. To meet the growing demand for a health-focused workplace, businesses are incorporating personalized health and fitness initiatives into the workplace with the assistance of modern technology.
For example, offering employees fitness trackers like Fitbit encourages a healthier workplace and attracts new employees. New graduates are more focused on healthy lifestyles than previous generations, and wearable fitness trackers also reduce healthcare costs and sick days in the office.

3. Technology Leadership

New grads are looking for a workplace that offers apps, social networking sites and other integrated technology as a method of giving and receiving feedback. Updating your quarterly reports with a mobile-friendly, anonymous app that provides nearly instant feedback is an attractive benefit for Millennials.
In addition to offering integrated technology in the office, new graduates are seeking positions that allow a more balanced approach to work and life. Technology that allows employees to work from home, for instance, is attractive to new graduates who want a more balanced lifestyle. Developing a business plan that allows employees to complete work on their own schedule at least part-time is a huge bonus for new graduates.
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4. Workspace Design

Creating an office environment that is attractive to new graduates extends beyond developing a web presence. You also need to create an office space that meets the expectations of new graduates. Open floors plans are becoming more common as new graduates enter the workforce.
Open floor plans allow employees to interact easily for increased efficiency while also creating an uncluttered space that helps them focus on the task at hand. Along with a minimalist design, an office space that is geared toward teamwork is attractive to Millennials.
Creating spaces for teams to work together in innovative spaces is ideal for attracting top talent to your business. Innovate spaces can include traditional meeting tables, but can also extend to bean bags in secluded corners or standing workstations that allow employees to think on their feet.
With the workplace quickly becoming driven by new graduates, creating a plan to meet the demands of a modern, technology-driven workforce is an important step toward recruiting the people who can help your business grow.

5. Career Paths in Tech

With Millennials making up more than 75 percent of the workforce by the year 2025, the demand for computer technology is going to rise exponentially in the near future. If you are asking what should my future career be, now is the time to examine the qualifications needed to be a web designer. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that web designers can expect to see a 27 percent growth in their industry as more new graduates turn to online sources for applications, and as more businesses develop their online presence to attract both customers and employees.
Learning what jobs will be in demand in the future can also help you prepare your business for the evolving marketplace. With an updated approach to hiring new graduates, your business can thrive in the evolving and increasingly digital marketplace. Jobs for new graduates includes ample growth in mobile development as businesses focus on creating user-friendly mobile sites.

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