Just Graduated? 4 Things You Should Do Right Now

Just Graduated? 4 Things You Should Do Right Now

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Lor Mancera

Lor is a Marketing Assistant and Graphic Designer at Classy Career Girl since 2011. She is passionate and motivated to create a community of women who want to get ahead in their careers.

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Samantha Stauf - April 30, 2016

I spent a period of three months after graduation not working (or actively job searching). I don’t really regret it since my brother had just returned from a large stint in the army, so not diving into a job right away allowed us to spend time together. I do wish that I had been a little more pro-activly developing my skills and resume during that down time. (Started a blog, did some online writing, learned HTML.)

Something. If you feel like you need a month or two to decompress (especially if you can take the monetary hit), I’d say go for it. After you start working full time, you very rarely get to take two whole weeks in row off (unless your profession is seasonal.) Just spend part of that time increasing your skills and strengthening your resume.

    Anna Runyan - April 30, 2016

    So great to hear from someone in this position and your helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

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