How To Find Time To Do Everything You Want In Life
Making great things happen during nap times! Growing the business, hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. Decorating my house before Thanksgiving. Lots going on and I want to do a lot!

How To Find the Time To Do Everything You Want In Life

Mom of two here. I can’t do it all. I can only do the most important things. That’s why I need to set my top three priorities each week. With being up all night, my morning routine out the window. These days, if I only get two to three things done each week that’s a win. But I can still grow a business by working on my priorities. Actually, that’s how it will grow — less of the stuff that isn’t a priority and more time on the priorities. It’s impossible.
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Say No, And Save It For Next Year

My planner took two years to print because I had higher priorities. I had to focus on changing my business model and growing our membership sites so my family could pay our rent and food on the table. Priorities! Now that our membership sites have grown I have more time and space to focus on other goals and dreams like the physical planner.
So just because you can’t focus on something now doesn’t mean that in two years it might be a better time. All last year I had morning sickness and just didn’t have the bandwidth or mindset to push really hard on a goal besides have a great labor and take three months off. And that’s ok, we have go times and go easy times. This is a time when I’m pushing hard. I feel good. I’m in a good spot. I have energy. I am happy. I’m all in! But who knows, if I get pregnant again, I might have to put some goals on the back burner again and be ok with that.

Spend Your Best Time on Goals

Find your best time and use it. For me, that’s mornings. When I’m not up at 4 am nursing, my best time is mornings. That’s when I focus and no one else is awake to distract me and have me read books. Nighttime, I  just want to veg and relax and watch Netflix with my husband. Lately, I’ve had to use my limited time in the afternoons to make as much as I can happen while my husband is out with my daughter or baby is napping, like right now. Now my baby is napping and my house is literally a disaster. But this podcast episode is a priority for me right now so I’m getting it done and leaving my messy house.

You Need a Plan & You Need a System 

You need to spend an hour or two to create your plan. I recommend a 90-day plan and break out your goals into 90-day increments so you know what needs to be done in the next 30/60 and 90 days. That’s your plan. I also have a plan for my month and my week and even today. Then, I have a review system.
So you have to have a plan and a system. The system is like a routine where you review your plan on a consistent basis. So you look at your plan each week. For me, it’s on Fridays, and I review what I still need to get done and what can wait until next week. I also have a system where I create my top three priorities every week and my system for reviewing my 90 day plans every quarter.

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