8 Ways to Find a Job With Facebook
You may be really used to using LinkedIn as a tool to find a job but if we look even closer, Facebook is also a great job search tool. Technically, the number of Facebook users is five times the size of LinkedIn members. And for that reason alone, job searchers should tap into Facebook’s professional networking power.

Here are 8 ways to find a job with Facebook:

1. Complete your profile with your professional history

Click on “edit profile” and on top of the screen lists “Work and Education”. List down your job history and include descriptions of your job and accomplishments. Take time in filling this information for those 65% of recruiters who are trolling for job candidates on Facebook.

2. Categorize your Facebook friends into lists

I know this can be a lot of work if you have hundreds of friends but it will be worth it. Go to your list of friends and hover your cursor over the “Friends” rectangle next your friends name. You will then see a list of lists including an option to create a new list. Create one and you can name it whatever you want but I recommend naming it “Professional” or “Work”. Find all of your friends who you think should be in your professional contacts and add them on the list. Through this, you can target your work -related status updates.

3. Post content and respond to other people’s postings

If you’re planning to use Facebook for professional purpose, you need to be selective about sharing as well. Do post updates about your professional community. Share contents relevant to your job. Personally checking people made it easier since Facebook is giving you the opportunity to do it virtually. Do pay attention to your professional friend’s postings. Like or leave an insightful comment to increase your professional engagement on Facebook, which will be significant in your job search.

4. Discover network connections

Finding network connections can also be done on Facebook easily. Using the search bar, type in the company name and then tap your cursor in the search bar one more time and you will see a pull-down list that includes friends who work at XYZ Company. Click through that tab and you will see your friends who work there. And then under those folks you will see another box that gives you the option of clicking on friends of your friends who work at XYZ company. Click there and you will hit a networking success.

5. Build an effective network

Whatever plans you have on your Facebook job search, you need to have a network. The bigger, the better, the more help you will get. Create interesting posts and engage in conversations.

6. Ask friends for referrals

A great way to find a job is through referrals, especially if you want to transition into a new career. Let your friends know what you are looking for and ask them to refer you for relevant vacancies in their companies.

7. Follow Facebook pages of the companies you are interested in

Stay updated with the companies you are interested in working with. Nowadays, almost all companies have their Facebook pages. Companies share a lot of their news, activities on their pages. This will help  you understand the type of work they do and help you prepare yourself to be the right applicant for the job.

8. Join Facebook groups on relevant topics

There are several groups on Facebook that deal with several topics. Look for a group that discusses the topics relevant to your job profile. You can also find groups that discusses various vacancies in different companies to help you remain aware of the requirements of the companies are having.

Stay updated with the companies you are interested in working with

How have you used social media to find a job in the past?

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