Here’s How To Use Facebook Live
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“What are the requirements for Facebook Live? Do I need a Facebook group?” -Jessica

Here’s How To Use Facebook Live

1. Equipment

No, you do not need to have a Facebook group. All you need to do have is a Facebook account and a smartphone. Ideally, eventually, you have a Facebook business page that you can broadcast from. If you only have a personal Facebook account, you can broadcast live from there as well. You really don’t need much. The first one is the hardest and most difficult to figure it out. It’s also a little scary but it gets so much easier after that first one! I promise!
Then once you get more advanced, you can get a tripod on Amazon.com for $10 and you can set your phone up on the tripod. You can place the tripod a little above your face so your camera looks down at you. Then, with a tripod, you don’t have to worry about shaky hand syndrome. Eventually, you can invest in more expensive camera equipment but you don’t need any equipment to get started.
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2. Outline

I also recommend having an outline of what you are going to talk about. I have a whiteboard that I put on my wall that lists out what I plan to talk about. I use my Facebook live as a teaching session so I am not selling anything I am just teaching and giving as much value and great information as I can. Another great way to use Facebook Live is to answer questions.

3. Test

If you do have a Facebook group I would recommend broadcasting in it and testing it out to see how much more engagement you get. We did this test with our Classy Career Girl Network Facebook group with over 2,000 women in that group and I noticed I got more engagement when I did it in my group because those women already know, like and trust me. Also, the comments are secret in most groups so your friends and family members won’t see you commenting on them. I think that creates more confidence in putting yourself out there and asking questions in a private Facebook group rather than a business page.
The key is to test it out and have fun with it!

4. Trust

I think Facebook Live is the new webinar. People are getting bored with webinars and automated engagement.  But when they see your live streams and they see your face and they answer your question live, it’s so much better than sitting on a webinar staring at a PowerPoint. It’s live and real! I had someone say they loved my Facebook live because they could see me be myself and make a mistake and it wasn’t perfect. They see me winging it feel more comfortable. You get to know someone else’s personality more on Facebook Live and you can connect more with your clients and people will trust you more as well.
So grab your phone and get started. Let me know when you do your first one. I’d love to cheer you on.

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