8 Reasons Why Women Excel as Entrepreneurs
Even in the 21st century, some things never change. Despite the increase of women employees at the workplace, there is a “glass ceiling” that is encountered along the way. Men are just greater in numbers when it comes to potential new ideas that could shape the future of businesses everywhere.
However, women have proven to display better confidence and precision behind their top roles. To prove that women are just as much reliable as entrepreneurs, if not more than their male counterparts, let us get a closer look at some of the winning factors that put them in that spot.

8 Reasons Why Women Excel As Entrepreneurs

1. They Are Better Risk Takers

Centre of Entrepreneurship’s research shows that both men and women can take financial risks. But the edge falls in favor of women with over 87 percent according to Centre of Entrepreneurship’s research, followed by 73 percent for men. It also shows that 80 percent of the women see opportunities that others see risk in compared to 67 percent of men.
They also undertake a realistic approach of anticipating the likely dangers that their company could face. Women know when it is not the right time to take risks four times more than men.

2. They Connect Better

Women entrepreneurs have better resources and connections with their teams and other businesses. With this concept, they are able to make fewer mistakes and make only a few changes while still promoting the true image of the company.

3. They Are Less Over-Confident

It is one thing to be confident about your business, but it’s another to be too confident. According to a study, 42 percent of women reported that their business is doing great, while 62 percent of male leaders made the same claim. Relatively, it may seem like men are doing better, but a deeper understanding of the studies show that it is women leaders who are performing better.

4. Women Are Great At Multitasking

Being a pre-programmed housekeeper, a wife to a husband and mother to kids, women are naturally great at multitasking. This means that they can work on multiple shifts and priorities simultaneously. They do not usually panic when under pressure and are willing to take on bigger tasks at any time.
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5. They Are More Philanthropic

Women leaders have shown to devote more time to altruistic needs than their male counterparts. Perhaps this is because they are more emotionally aware than men. At every income level, women tend to donate more money than men. The Women’s Philanthropy Institute conducted this research at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.

6. Women Are More Ambitious

More than two-thirds of women who are employed at C-suite jobs say they want to start their own business in the next three years, compared to the one-thirds of male leaders according to the Centre for Entrepreneurship report. Among entrepreneurs who are already running their own business, 47 percent of women are confident about starting a new business, compared to 18 percent of their male counterparts.

7. They Are Perfectionists

Women have high standards and will not settle for anything less than excellent. With this kind of attitude and level of pace, a business will be less prone to mistakes or damage and will be able to save up on money in the long-run.

8. They Consider The Value Of Others

Women are also quite considerate of others, especially their stakeholders such as their employees, customers, founders, and investors. They are never only solely for their own gains. Their selfless attitude is what will garner respect in the long run.
All in all, women are a great blessing to humanity. They are positively motivated, caring and hardworking. It would be a great disservice to ignore their brilliant aptitude and capability.

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