Don’t make this mistake….when your career impacts your personal life
I’ve spent the last week in Des Moines, Iowa.
It may not be the most exotic location you can think of to want to work when you can work remotely. But, for our little family right now…it’s really just so perfect and simple.

Yesterday I had one of the best days in a really long time. I had fun time, family time and work time.                 

I went to a coffee shop to put some plans together for an exciting announcement in my business today (keep scrolling!). Then, we had more family time and I jumped back on my computer after my daughter went to bed.
It truly was a workday that I could have only dreamed about a few years back.
I remember when my aunt passed away and I convinced my boss to let me work remotely so I could attend her funeral in Minnesota. I was glued to my email the entire time. I couldn’t relax because I was scared that they would need me and my boss was calling me multiple times per day. No wonder I was stressed because my client always was threatening to fire me…..
After my client yelled at me during a phone meeting while I was with my family and said that I “screwed up” my numbers, I literally had a meltdown and told my parents I was never flying back to California. It was the worst work environment imaginable and I wasn’t even in the same room as them!

From that day on, I vowed that I would find a career that allowed me the flexibility I desired.  Not only had I made the decision not to fly home to see my aunt before she died “because I had to work” but I also was not able to grieve and be present with my family “because I had to work.”  

It became very clear to me that work had taken over my life and I was no longer in control. My job I hated was affecting my decisions and it was impacting really important life events that I could never have second chances for.

Now I am all about living a life of no regrets. 

That commitment to make my dream life happen has stayed with me ever since that remote work arrangement disaster. I committed to making my dream career and life happen no matter what it took. 
There are so many women who let their mediocre work run their life without putting themselves first. Don’t be one of them. I believe in you.
Sending you lots of love from Iowa!
P.S. Drumroll please…..the very exciting announcement I am super pumped to share with you today is this and YOU are invited! 

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