5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Business You Love
It’s common business advice to find a career you love so you never feel like you’re going to “work.” While this sounds ideal, it’s not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. As the saying goes, life gets in the way, and following your dreams and passions does not always equate financial and personal fulfillment. But, it’s far from impossible to create a business doing not only what you love, but being enabled to live the life you want to live at the same time.

5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Business You Love

1. It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect, It Just Has to Get Started

It’s really easy for something to never fully be completed because it hasn’t met your definition of “done.” Why? It can be better. Well, everything can be “better.” You can find a better house. You can find a better job. You can think of a better idea. You can find greener grass. You get the idea.
It’s never perfect on day one and your business will be a constantly evolving, growing and changing entity based on factors you likely can’t even predict at the moment. So just get started! After more than six years as an owner of my own company, these are some of the essential ideas that I’d advise anyone to consider before building a business of their own.

2. Will You Wish You Did It a Year from Now?

If you could travel in time to one year from now, will you wish you that you had taken that step? Likewise, think of yourself on this day last year. If you had started on your path then, you would be in a year into your journey today.

3. Use Your Natural Strengths and Skills

Sometimes just because we “can” do something, it doesn’t always mean that’s what’s best for business. For example, if you’re thinking of starting a landscaping company, it means you’re great at designing landscapes. Does it mean that you’re also good at accounting?  Does it mean you’re a savvy marketer? Maybe. But chances are those might not also be your top skillsets. Identifying the areas where you will need help from the start will set your business out on a strong foundation.
Of course, business owners wear many many hats, but you have to know where your strengths lie and where you will need help. For example, I can more naturally take on our agency’s HR functions than I can accounting, so we have an accountant that comes in twice a month to help manage those needs.

4. Say Yes, Even When You’re Afraid To

A friend of mine was dreaming of taking the leap from her secure, corporate position with a great salary and benefits, to the land of uncertain entrepreneurship. She was unhappy in her corporate job but was scared of leaving it to start from scratch. She was afraid to say yes to her dream; afraid to say yes to the opportunity, and afraid to say yes to the encouragement of all those who believed in her talents. She was essentially afraid to say yes to the possibility of success. Why? Because saying no is often a whole lot easier than saying yes, for fear of “failure.”
When she finally had her A-Ha moment and started focusing on all of the great things that could happen, she said yes to her dream. Don’t tell yourself no. Say yes.

5. You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch

Building a business from scratch is really challenging. If you a passionate about a certain industry, but are not sure where to start, consider, is buying a business that is looking to sell.  When you buy an existing business, you are buying a good location, built-in customer base, and potential income much sooner than you would have when starting from nothing. There are lots of great resources to help you find available businesses for sale right in your city.
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Creating a business can be extraordinarily rewarding. Is it hard work? Yes.  Will you have moments where you want to give up? Yes. Will you feel fulfilled at following your dreams?  Absolutely. Don’t wait another year to look back and wonder “what if.” There’s nothing more rewarding than creating a business you love.

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