5 Time Management Mistakes That Cause Stress & Clutter
Today I want to go over some time management mistakes women make when trying to organize their work and life.  I have made these mistakes, too, and sometimes still do make these mistakes! Especially as a new mom over this last year.

5 Time Management Mistakes That Cause Stress & Clutter

Time Management Mistake #1: The first mistake is being overwhelmed with your out of control to do list.

When you get done with the day and realize you only did three things on your list of 20 to-do’s, it’s pretty frustrating. I hated this, so I don’t organize my tasks like this anymore.
I recommend only focusing on ONE THING at a time. Don’t go to #2 until you finish #1. Right now, it’s Wednesday and I have actually already finished my 6 things that I had planned for this week. It wasn’t easy, I was actually at Starbucks at 5:30 am Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday, but they are now done with zero stress.
So now you have my secret of how I get stuff done. I leave the house and let my husband and daughter spend some time together! 🙂

Time Management Mistake #2: Not creating a plan or a schedule for your life.

Don’t just do whatever comes your way. Instead, have exact times that you will do certain things in your week. Discipline and planning are required if you want to achieve your career goals.
This is why I have a weekly review session where I review what I am doing each day of the next week and everything is scheduled into my calendar. If you don’t have a plan, your calendar will control you and I absolutely can’t stand that!
Remember, you are in charge of your time. You control your calendar. Your calendar doesn’t control you! You need to have a set time when do things like email, reading, social media, working on your passions, etc., each week.

Time Management Mistake #3: Not having a morning ritual.

The biggest mistake I see made over and over is waking up and checking email first thing. I did this too when I was in corporate. It really ruined my entire day, especially when I worked with people on the east coast who had been sending work emails for hours! I would wake up and immediately feel behind. It was a terrible way to start the day!
So now my morning routine consists of journaling, meditating, affirmations, vision board, reading, praying, and exercising. This has completely changed my life. Even if you are not an entrepreneur like me, all these things I used to do when I was in corporate every morning.
It involved waking up a bit earlier but it is SO much better to wake up and do something you are excited about instead of waking up and rushing out the door to go to a job you don’t like. So think about how you can revamp your morning routine tomorrow morning.

Time Management Mistake #4: Not practicing self-care.  

Are you regularly taking care of yourself with a little pampering? A big mistake is not making time for YOU and what you love every single day. Are you giving yourself time to be refueled by working on your passions and your goals?
Another common mistake is putting other people in front of you that you just get so drained. You have to put on your seatbelt before others just like flying on a plane. I am a better wife, mother, and CEO if I am making time for myself. This also covers asking for help and delegating. It’s often hard to do these things but it is so crucial and I have definitely learned this in the first year of being a mom!
So have some fun, call up some friends, schedule that appointment for a manicure and take care of you!
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Time Management Mistake #5: Not having boundaries for social media, your family time, and your personal time.

I find that most of my clients are not alone enough, enjoying life and being present. When we first start working together, they are not taking a break from the internet and are always tied to it. I’ve been there too!
Now I carefully guard my Sundays for family time and try my hardest to turn off my computer and not talk about work.  It’s so important to realize what your priorities are and to guard that time as much as possible!

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