3 Ways To Get a Sustainable Number of Clients and Income
Recently I received this question on Facebook from Harriette, “I’m not having income for long months then desperately seeking any form of income, which usually ends up being way too little. Where should I turn to attract a sustainable number of clients and income?
I TOTALLY get it. My first online course was sold for $97 to four people in 2012 which was completely amazing but also not really practical. How the heck was I going to quit my job and afford to pay my rent with that? I was not so I needed to find a way to bring in ongoing monthly revenue so that my business was sustainable. How do you do that? That’s what we are diving into today! Watch the video below or read the podcast to get all caught up.

3 Ways To Get a Sustainable Number of Clients and Income

1. Build a Sales Funnel

It’s also important to have a marketing system. I love having an automatic sales funnel and I recommend it for everyone! Now, if that term ‘sales funnel” just scared you, don’t worry! All of the steps are outlined below. The goal really is that you don’t have to be involved in every single step because that limits the impact that you can make in your business and in the world. We want to free up your time so you are making more of a difference and of course, getting the results you desire. Here’s the simple process of building a sales funnel:
Leads: Determine how your ideal clients will discover you. Some examples are networking, ads, social media or blogging.
Prospects: How will you capture their contact information. For example, I ask for your contact information in exchange for our brand new beautiful 90-day planner. 🙂
Customers: How will you turn your prospects into customers? Examples: Complimentary Strategy Session, Newsletter, Live event, Webinar, Videos, Blogging or Teleseminar.

2. Create Recurring Packages

How can your clients pay you month by month instead of a one-time fee? For example:
  • Coaching packages
  • Bookkeeping packages
  • Web developer packages
  • Marketing systems packages
  • Membership sites
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3. Annual Planning

 Planning your launches and sales before the year starts will help you stay focused on keeping sustainable income throughout the year. When you are planning your year, plan your launches, sales, promotions, free offers, VIP options and add them all to your calendar now.

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