CCG Foundations 01: Who is a Classy Career Girl?

Today is the day! We are relaunching the Classy Career Girl podcast with a focus on what it means to be a Classy Career Girl. We are going back to the core, back to what it means to be a Classy Career Girl, back to finding career fulfillment. I am so excited about today’s episode and I can’t wait to share it with you. Let’s dive into what it means to be a Classy Career Girl.

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Who is a Classy Career Girl?


A female displaying elegance, style, high standards of personal behavior, skill and grace.

We believe in high standards of personal behavior.

We support other women.

We believe in your dreams.

We don’t waste your time.

We do the right thing.

We embrace risk.

We don’t give up.

We stay inspired every day.

We work for more than a paycheck.

We work to make a difference.

We hustle to serve you.

We take imperfect action daily.

We never stop learning.

We live our lives with no regrets.

We chase our dreams.

We find a way.

We don’t play small.

The Classy Career Girl Manifesto

Stop doing work you hate. Stop being mediocre. Stop NOT reaching your true potential. Stop doing everything for other people and not asking for what you deserve.

Stop caring about what other people think and the “what ifs” that might happen if you take a risk. Stop saying someday. Stop doing nothing to make your dreams happen.

Stop complaining about how much you hate your job but not doing anything about it. Stop thinking “I can’t” and stop putting your dreams on hold.

Stop worrying about being safe and secure.

Stop delaying your great life. Do it right now. Go put yourself out there. You can have a great life and career right now. You have permission to be you and to stand out.

It’s time to take responsibility for your career success.

A Classy Career Girl takes responsibility for her career success.

A Classy Career Girl takes responsibility for her fulfillment and happiness.

Becoming a Classy Career Girl: The 6 Key Components

The six key components of becoming a Classy Career Girl are success, happiness, balance, class, skill, and style.

Component 1: Striving for Success

Makes goals and a plan that inspires her in her mindset, money, life, and career dreams. Strives for living her best life.

In order to have this trait, you have to move past the problems and excuses to success so you don’t stay stuck. What are they?

Component 2: Happiness

She searches for clarity and strives to build up her confidence so that she can create a fulfilling career and life. Being happy involves putting herself out there more and more to find out what makes her happy. She strives to identify her dream job and launch the career she was born to do.

Component 3: Balanced

She maintains her plan while making time for what is most important to her. She is not a workaholic but makes time for things that give her joy. She wants less stress in her life and is constantly trying to remove stress to go after your dreams and be happy and healthy. She knows that with less stress she will be happier and more successful too (components 1 & 2)

  • Moving Past The Problem
    • How stressed are you?
    • The biggest time management mistakes that cause stress and burnout
    • Finding Focus in a Noisy World
    • Find more time for your dreams, making herself a priority. Put on your oxygen mask before others.
    • Beating overwhelm
    • What I Wish I Would Have Known – Learn from others. Women supporting women. How did she do it? Balance is not a bad word. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask other moms how they do it! What secrets do they know?

Component 4: Class

She sets her standard for professionalism and creates your personal brand with class. She stands out and is different. She is a leader. Well respected. Confident.

Component 5: Skill

She builds her personal development plan to create new opportunities for herself. She is obsessed with improving herself and growing and learning as much as she can. She invests in herself. She builds her skills, maybe starts a business or becomes a leader in her field and in her company or organization.

Component 6: Style

She establishes an elegant and easy wardrobe and inspiring office. She creates a work environment she loves!!! She has her own signature style that makes her happy and creates a great first impression. Her office is not a mess and it’s a place that others love hanging out in. She is respected just by her style.

  • Moving Past The Problem
    • What is your signature style
    • First impressions matter, for both your office and your wardrobe 
    • What to wear to work (and what not to wear!) 
    • What not to have on your desk 
    • Define your office style
    • Office organization tips 

Classy Career Girls are leaders and influencers. They are making a difference whether it is working for a company OR owning their own business. OR DOING BOTH! They can be ANY age and live anywhere in the world.

Not doing what other people say we should do.

Not just doing what we are good at. Doing what we are good at and we love doing.

Doing things other people think is impossible. We know all things are possible.

Some people think we are crazy.

We care less about money and more about happiness.

Fulfillment beats money every day. We also believe you can be happy, impact the world and make a lot of money.

But it’s never just about the money.

We put thought into what we put out into the world, online and offline. We have class in the words we speak, and what we post online. We are different. We stand out.

We aren’t just posting whatever online or speaking negatively behind others backs. We are professionals. We don’t put others down. We support other women. We believe in other women. Even if we are in the same fields, we know we are better together.

We know sometimes the boss isn’t right. We know that our time will come and patience and effort always wins. We are so grateful for every workday that is leading us to our goals and dreams. We know we are getting there so we don’t ever complain. Life isn’t easy. Bad things are happening to us. But we don’t give up. If we don’t like our lives, we change it. We aren’t ok with the status quo or working just for a paycheck.

I’m a Classy Career Girl. I love Mondays. I love my work.


Ready to learn more about what it means to be a Class Career Girl? Join us in one of our two online communities today. If you are ready to step into your full potential, this is your next step. I can’t wait to see you there! 

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