Turning Business Plans Into Action Plans With Char Stackle (Case Study)
Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Char Stackle, Founder of Lifeonherown.com. Welcome, Char! Thanks for being here and sharing how you turned your business plans into action.

Turning Business Plans Into Action Plans With Char Stackle

Where are you at in your business journey right now?

I am in the planner phase and the side hustler phase of Corporate Rescue Plan (CRP). One thing about CRP is that it moved me through the planning phase pretty quickly. I progressed really fast which is great because sometimes you get wrapped up in the planning and don’t actually do the action. So that’s one great thing about CRP.

What fears and challenges did you have when starting?

The hardest part was figuring out where to begin. You have this great idea but you don’t know what to do to get it. That was my biggest challenge. One thing with CRP I was able to go through the modules and just do the steps. CRP had the three biggest extraordinary things for me when starting.
1. A community. There is a great community of women that help support you and you can get great ideas and know you aren’t alone.
2. Content. Just follow the steps and go along.  I can plan all day but I don’t know where to go. CRP gave me the avenue to keep going.
3. Customer service and Commitment. You are so committed to helping us out and making sure we are progressing along.
Before I had signed up for other internet business programs that had a community but the community was so huge that you were talking to a crowd of no one. CRP is small enough and intimate enough that you can get a lot of feedback. I was a recipient of help when designing my business cards and I have helped others with their sales letters. It’s a two-way street.
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Where and when did you learn about CRP?

I learned about Anna from her blog and a webinar that I had taken. I was struggling about whether or not I wanted to further my career or start my business. Instead of going through the career path that Love Your Career Formula does, I went with CRP.

What did you think when you first joined?

I was excited however I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect. My fears were not founded in anything because you can take 30 minutes per day to work on what you are given in the program. You don’t have to spend hours and hours. You can go it pretty quickly. I was dragging my heels doing my business plan. But there was a business plan challenge and at the end, Anna reviewed my plan. Every morning I worked 30-45 minutes on my business plans and I was done in a week. Sometimes the business plan can be overwhelming but just take small steps here and there.

When did you make the commitment to move forward with your business plans?

I made the commitment right at the beginning of creating that business plan. If I am putting this down on paper and saying what I want to build, I better stick to it. It wasn’t a dream anymore, it was a goal on paper.

Did you follow the modules inside of CRP?

Yes, I am following the modules. It’s a nice balance between doing and the challenges in the Facebook group. Sometimes I have to let go of the challenge and realize it isn’t the stage I am in and  I can always come back to it later. I keep the checklist going which really helps me stay on track. If I ever feel lost, I can go back to the modules and pick up right there.

What has been the most important thing you have learned so far?

You aren’t alone balancing work and trying to start a business. Often, it’s hard to balance. The world at large doesn’t understand what is involved in starting a business. Having a community that is on the same path makes me feel like I am not alone doing this. Especially when we are from all over the world and you get to see amazing women doing some great stuff out there.
Also, I have learned how to network. There is a great community of women in my town that I have gotten to learn and meet face to face. Just having the small Facebook group launched me into networking outside offline and getting used to how I can be more comfortable networking.
Currently, I am on a goal to get 12 clients by May 31st. That’s my goal that I have set for myself. Those actions and things I am working on are networking more and meeting with someone locally just today who is interested in working with me.

What would life had been life without joining CRP?

I would still be dreaming about starting my business and helping other women get their time management and productivity in their lives together. I was a professional organizer before and I was passionate about helping women own their lives. Organizing their house is a huge thing so I worked with a lot of them but no matter how much I organized their closet or their kitchen, they still couldn’t get their head around being in control of their lives.
I thought that there has to be a larger and even bigger thing that isn’t just a quick fix I can do that really helps them and eliminates the overwhelm.

What are you the most proud of since you started your business?

What I am the most proud of is coming up with the vision for my company and that I am here to help other women. I know how important our lives are when we are busy. It’s so important to put together a life that we want to create and spend with family and friends. To me, that is what I am proud of because I want to see my client say she really succeeded. She is now able to de-stress and able to be present. Many times we aren’t present. This is what I am here for in the world.

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Your last words of wisdom for someone just starting out creating her business plans?

Business owners are the next wave of where we need to go. We see the need to stay at home. This is where many of my clients want to be to spend time with their families and friends. This is an exciting time for us because we can do this with the technology and community online. There are so many resources and even it seems you are in your own little world because everyone else is doing the 9-5, this is the way we are doing it. There is so much opportunity here. Don’t get discouraged.


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