5 Business Lessons I Learned Last Year

It’s that time of the year to reflect! And in this podcast episode, we will go behind the scenes and I will share with you the 5 business lessons I learned in 2019.

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5 Business Lessons I Learned in 2019 IG Story

5 Business Lessons I Learned in 2019

1) “If it’s meant to be, it begins with me.”

When the project didn’t go how I thought it would go and I realized that I had to manage the project, I said this to myself over and over again. No one else is going to actually love this business as much as I do and care about the new membership site and launching it at a certain time. I had to create the 90-day plan and follow up and make sure everything was actually getting done. I say this a lot now. If I want a top podcast, it begins with me. No one else even if I hire and spend a ton of money, no one can do it for me. Making sure that my website is rebranded begins with me. Making sure that my community is engaged is not a result of my community manager, it begins with me making sure she has the info she needs and the metrics/outcomes she is reaching toward. It’s taking responsibility for your success and results and not just thinking a magic wand or course or even mastermind is going to change it for you. There is no quick fix.

2) Everything will slow down after next week is a lie.

You have to build in downtime or you’ll just continually be working. First, the membership site. Then, the launch. Then, the PLAN course, then the Black Friday sale. In the midst, I got sick. I couldn’t talk. And I flew to Toronto for a mastermind. And I hosted a PLAN event.

3) Summers are not for working hard.

I’ve already got 4 weeks blocked out next summer. I’ve already told the team. I’m already looking for an Airbnb on the beach in San Diego. I am checking out. And I’m restructuring the team to operate without us for 4 weeks. Clockwork is truly where I got this idea.

4) Sometimes it takes 9 years to find your thing.

I found my thing this year. And I got into a groove with the PLAN course. Then, I found the thing that I love to teach over and over again and the thing I could do in my sleep. To teach my planning system comes so natural. It’s something I am passionate about and it’s something that other people really want to know and it can change lives! Keep creating what your market wants.

5) Keep your main thing your main thing.

I did a lot of different things this year to see what stuck. You need to do that. An event, a coaching group. A new course. A brand new membership site (combining two membership sites into one membership site). I tried different offers. Different ways of marketing. Now it’s the end of the year and I am looking back at what worked. In 2020, you’ll see a lot more focus from me. I am going to focus on one product, maybe two products. I am going to focus on one market. One message. One specific way I help my clients. Instead of hundreds. Looking back at my income, there’s a clear winner. There’s me spending tons of time on products that don’t work. And me spending hardly any time on products that are working great. Can you imagine if I doubled my time in the products that were working great?

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