8 Sure Signs You’re Facing a Burnout
Absolutely everyone is prone to burnout. While it’s true that routine and repetition can be good for you, they’re less good when they’re preventing you from growing or you’re repeating stressful tasks. Everyone needs a break – that’s why your job gives you vacation days. Is it time for you to request a week off?

8 Sure Signs You’re Facing a Burnout

1. You’re a Wreck on Sunday Nights

On an ideal Sunday night, you’ll feel like you enjoyed your weekend. You’ll get everything ready for the next morning, hop in bed, and get some sleep. If you waste most of your Sunday dreading Monday, you’re losing a whole day to burnout. You should be able to take one day at a time without feeling like the future is oppressing you.

2. You Feel Like You Aren’t Getting Anything Done

You’re working and working and working… toward what? You should feel accomplished after you complete something, not like you were drowning and you finally reached the surface, only to be dragged back down again. You’re probably not celebrating your accomplishments enough, and it’s causing you to feel weary about work.

3. Your House and Your Desk Are Messy

Everything feels frantic and disorganized because you don’t have enough time to properly keep track of the state of things. You’d rather escape than take pride in your environment. You don’t care about setting yourself up for a smooth next day, because you already have an inclination that it won’t be so smooth. A little bit of apathy might be rolling in.

4. You Feel Like You Haven’t Slept in Weeks

Stress is a huge sleep killer. The stress of your burnout may be preventing you from getting the kind of sleep you deserve – where you lay down in bed and you’re gone from the world for 7 or 8 hours and you wake up feeling brand new. If your thoughts are keeping you up at night, particularly regarding work, it’s time for a break.
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5. You Just Don’t Care Anymore

The project didn’t turn out right, and so what? If the passion and the drive around there anymore, you’re not going to have the same eye for detail and innovative, creative process you once had. Burnout interferes with your ability to do your job the best you can. You’d rather make sure things are over with than done right.

6. You’re Late, and You Leave Early

Your office feels oppressive. It’s a place you’re forced to go to do the things you need to do, rather than an environment that allows you to achieve the success you want for yourself. Going to work feels like going to the DMV or getting your taxes done by a slow and droning accountant. Work should never feel like that – you should be able to take pride in it.

7. Your Pants Fit Differently

During burnout, people have a tendency to see fluctuations in weight. Working too hard can cause you to forget to eat properly, whether that means eating too much or too little. It’s the distraction and the need for convenience that interfere with your ability to live a healthy life. Nothing should come second to your health.

8. Your Favorite Thing to Do is Hide

You hide in the office. You hide on the weekends. You want a big portable tent to disguise yourself with whenever someone approaches you. You just need some peace and quiet somewhere. Your career might suffer for it, and your personal relationships might face the same fate. You should be out in the world communicating and enjoying your interactions.
If you’re feeling really burned out, you have options. You can take a long vacation. You can come to compromises with your employer about a better work-life balance. You can totally switch careers if you feel as though your current job is interfering with your ability to be happy. As long as you make positive changes, no matter how big or small they may be, you’re doing something to better yourself and improve your quality of life.

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