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Lately here at Classy Career Girl, we have gone back into the time capsule and done some updating and refreshing. This past week we refreshed our very first blog posts here from 2010.  Wow, what a journey to re-read and see what we were thinking as we created this site which eventually became our dream business. As my husband was updating one of the articles, he said, “I feel like I am reading your diary.”
So enjoy this peek inside my diary. When I first started this website, I was juggling a full-time job and going to business school at night. As I go back to the beginning and read these blog posts again with you, I can see my desires for creating a business and helping others with my gifts and talents but I had no idea it would turn into this.
Lesson learned: Start. Stop thinking about it and start somewhere.  If I never would have written that very first “Who am I?” post on March 24th, 2010, we would not have impacted millions of women’s lives with our courses and content.  So what are you waiting for! Do that thing that totally scares you…NOW!!

Here are our first 10 blog posts at Classy Career Girl:

1. Who am I?: This was my very first blog post titled Who am I.  You’ll also see that I don’t mention my name because I was anonymous!
2What I Learned Taking a Personality TestThe MBTI is a career assessment and personality test that many companies and schools provide to their employees and students. I was pretty far into my career when I discovered what my personality type was and it made me realize a lot of things about myself and how I work with other people.
3. How to Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy at Work: This article from WorldatWork has some unbelievable statistics about our current employment trends.  Can you believe that only 45% of workers are satisfied with their jobs (down from 60% twenty years ago) with the highest level of dissatisfaction with those under age 25? What can we really do to make sure that our employees are happy at work?
4. A Day in My Life as a Grad School Student: This post was written April 3, 2010. It documents a day in my life as a grad school student. My schedule was a little different than most because I decided to go to school at night while still working full-time during the day. I also had this blog that I was growing and trying to turn into a business at the same time. So things were busy and fun of course. I hope you enjoy reading about this time in my life.
5. 6 Incredible Cures for the Workplace Blues: I explored reasons why only 45% of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs.  How do we not only keep ourselves happy in the workplace but also keep our employees satisfied?
6. 8 Essential Steps to Hire the Best Employees: Many companies had to make significant changes to their HR programs during our prior recession including layoffs, salary cuts and hiring freezes.  The companies that were more strategic though used innovative human resource practices to weather the storm. Today, we want to dive into what some of these strategic practices are so you aren’t scrambling last minute to make last minute decisions in your HR department.
73 Examples of a No Regrets Leadership Style: This is a video from the CEO of my former company, Booz Allen Hamilton. I found these 3 examples of a no regrets leadership style very encouraging when I was an employee there back in 2010 and I hope you do too!
8. 8 Secrets to Balance a Busy Week:  When I originally wrote this article back in 2010, life was busy. I was traveling across the country for work and in business school in the evenings at the same time. I also carved out time to grow this blog on the side too. My weeks involved flying to Charleston, South Carolina for work, attending important client meetings all week and then heading straight back to San Diego to take a midterm.  During weeks like that I wondered what work-life balance was and where my “me” time went?
9. 6 Smart Ways to Go Green at Work: When I was in 4th grade, I started a Save the Earth Club. Yes, there was only one other person in it and we didn’t do too much besides telling our parents they should take shorter showers and making sure the fridge didn’t stay open longer than 5 seconds. (Hey, all those little things add up, right?) I was passionate about learning how to go green and tried to share it with everyone I knew.
10. 4 Reasons Why People Really Go to Work:  So that’s why today I want to dive deep into the real reason why people go to work in the first place. Once you know why employees work, you can start to see how your company can start to increase its productivity too. So let’s take a short walk back through management history.

Start. Stop thinking about it and start somewhere

Thanks for reading our first blog posts friends! Let’s do 6 more years of great MEANINGFUL content, shall we?

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