Be Happier Instantly
We all want to be happier. In 2008, I began a quest to observe and learn from hundreds of inspiring women with amazing comeback stories. With the help of supportive friends, mentors, and family members, I tried anything that would help me see each day with a silver lining.
During yoga and Reiki training, I learned effective techniques on how to reduce stress on a mental, physical, emotional, and energetic level in order to start living life to the fullest. I devoured motivational books, inspirational podcasts, and filled journals with notes from psychology journals and moving testimonies.
Each time I applied what I learned, I noticed that I started getting my bounce back faster when life threw another curve ball! With an open mind, I figured out what worked and tossed out what didn’t. After years of application, I began to help others with my strategy!
Here are three key considerations for you to reflect upon to start being happier instantly.

Read on to get on your merry way to be happier:

1. Make the Choice

Being happier requires a conscious choice to do any task, big or small, with optimism and self-confidence. Happiness does not depend on what happens but how you perceive what happens. Meditation, journaling, and being present in the moments in our days help us keep our perceptions in check.

2. Stop Comparing

We all know, no one’s life is perfect in every aspect, be it in relationships, health, career, finances, family, friends, etc. So why evaluate who we are, side by side with others? If you catch yourself comparing yourself to anyone at any point of the day, let it go.

3. Accept & Redirect Your Focus

Work on accepting what’s going on and use what resources you have available to deal with the situation as it is. Sometimes we make situations harder than they need to be and the path of least resistance might be the best for us. If you want something, you may be blocking yourself from what is suppose to happen by spending time hoping for a moment that’s not going to happen.
Have faith that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we are in challenging situations to learn lessons to help us grow. Learning gratitude, service, forgiveness (this includes forgiving yourself!), acceptance, support, love, and faith are huge lessons that allow for opportunities to enrich our soul.
May you spot many more silver linings in the coming months! What are some strategies you use to be happier?

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