3 Ways To Attract the Job You Want
Through my years of helping women find careers they love, I have seen many clients really close to getting their careers unstuck BUT they have one thing holding them back, their mindset. Many of my clients have been negative, worried, overwhelmed, scared and doubtful about their ability to find their future dream careers.
You can’t get your career unstuck if you are not in the right mindset to get your career unstuck.  If you take all the job search actions but don’t work on your mindset, you will not get the success you want.

Here are 3 Things to Remember to Attract the Job You Want:

3 Ways To Attract the Job You Want

1) Focus On the Job You Want, Not the Job You Hate

You may have heard of the law of attraction. It got a lot of publicity with the book and movie, The Secret. The law of attraction says that everything coming in your life, you are attracting. You have to make it clear in your mind what you want because you attract what you think about most. Thoughts become things. If you focus on what you want, you’ll get more of it. If you focus on what you don’t want, you’ll get more of it.
How does this apply to your job search?  If you focus on the job you hate, you will never get unstuck. If you focus on how terrible you are at interviews and how unlucky you are, you will never get unstuck.
Instead, focus on getting the job you WANT and stay positive.

2) Create a Vision Journal or Vision Board

Things come true on the vision board. When you have this vision front and center, your mind will be more open to opportunities that will help you get what you want. Create a vision journal or a vision board.  Put things in writing. Write down your goals on index cards and keep them near your bed. The most successful people write their goals down and review them on a daily basis.
When you create your vision board, put yourself in the moment of feeling “What would your life be like if you found your dream job?”
Click here to read my post about how to make a vision board.

3) Be Grateful

When you aren’t grateful, you won’t receive more in return. Gratitude is all about giving thanks. Ungratefulness is taking the things in your life for granted.  You are taking instead of giving if you are ungrateful.

“Thank you is the bridge from where you are now to the life of your dreams. Your life will change by practicing gratitude and saying thank you.” –Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret and Magic

Don’t focus on hating your job. Be grateful for it. I know it’s hard but it is for some use (money to pay your bills, house over your head, ability to work while job searching or ability to learn). If you are unemployed, be grateful for your unemployment because you can focus on job searching full time!
If you’re grateful for the job you have, even if it is not your dream job, things will begin to change so you enjoy your job more and opportunities for you will suddenly appear. This is what happened to me when I was terribly stuck in a job but I was still thankful for that paycheck, an opportunity to become an Adjunct Professor at my company opened up. I got to teach a course about how to navigate your career which I LOVED.
I still had to keep my day job but I was SO THANKFUL for a few hours in my day when I got to do something I was really excited about.  And what happened? More teaching and training opportunities continued to come to me effortlessly.

“When you get clear about the things you want, you are you are giving a definite direction to the way you want gratitude to change your life.” –Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret and Magic

Another way to show gratitude in your life is to count your blessings. When you’re grateful for the things you have, no matter how small they may be, you will see those things instantly increase. You will be happier when you count your blessings. The more gratitude you feel, the happier you will be. Studies show people who practice gratitude have closer relationships, are more connected to family and friends, and are viewed more favorably by others.
Even being thankful for your boss will give you more patience, understanding, compassion and kindness. You will forget about the things you use to complain about them if you are thankful for them. I once had a very tough client who was not nice to me AT ALL, but I was and still am SO THANKFUL to her for showing me how to handle difficult clients and situations with class.
This is exactly why I make it a habit in my morning routine to write down three things I am grateful for each day. It just makes me happier and gives me a better outlook for the day.

Don’t focus on hating your job. Be grateful for it.

Would love to hear from you in the comments below! Imagine yourself with the job you want. What do you see?

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