Ask John and Anna Anything: How We Balance and Plan Out Our Crazy Busy Lives

Welcome to the John and Anna show! This is John’s first live. So we’re going to do a little Q and A because you guys always ask me questions about working with John, how we manage our day to day, how we set our goals, and how we plan out the day.

There are not very many times that I can get him live here. So this is like a very special occasion. It happens (like) once every three years. So you are witnessing something very special right here now.

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How We Balance and Plan Out Our Crazy Busy Lives IG Story

How We Balance and Plan Out Our Crazy Busy Lives

I consolidated a bunch of questions that I always get about John. And we will be answering your questions in today’s podcast!

Do you set goals as a family?

Yes, absolutely we do. And the goals are typically what Anna says the goals should be. I like to hear what Anna’s goals are and then I like to adopt those goals as my own. We usually talk about it, so usually talk, it’s a joint effort.

How do you plan out your days?

I would say the night we really need to talk about tomorrow. we usually just knock it out the night before and say, Hey, what’s going on tomorrow? When do you need to have focus time? That’s exactly what we do. The difference is we have a shared Google calendar, so we know if each other has appointments on the calendar. 

What do you think that I do to stay focused? When I’m using my planner? 

You only focus on the priorities. So you do like the top three things, which is super helpful. Everybody has a million things. There are a million things on everybody’s list. And so I think the common thing, and I find I fall into this, is just looking at that and getting overwhelmed and not ready and then you don’t do anything. It’s a really good habit that Anna has into just focusing on the priority and focusing on what needs to get done.

What is it like to be married and work together?

I don’t think we would have done it if we were newly married. Right? I think that was big. We had already had a pretty long track record of being together and kind of knowing, like knowing how each other works and knowing each other’s strengths. And so that decision was like, yeah, I think this could actually work. Like we, we complement each other in our strengths. We had to kind of see what are the things we really enjoy doing. And then once we figured that out, we focused on what we really enjoy doing that gravitates towards the business. Once you just started doing that stuff, then our business started growing too because you found the things that you were super excited and passionate about and that helps the business take off. 

What’s a typical day in your life?

Anna gets woken up by the baby. Anna feeds her, usually puts her back to bed, but today she was up and then Mila was up at like 6:15. They were both up. I’m not a morning person. So I have coffee and I make eggs and then eggs are done. The girls come downstairs and they eat eggs and we are ready for school. Yup. And we listen to a podcast. We listen to the Daily Audio Bible for Kids, which Mila really likes and then we start getting ready for the school process. Let me tell you about the getting ready for the school process. Here it is. Ready. Brush teeth, go potty, pack your lunch, get your backpack, get dressed, all of that takes like 10 minutes. And then it’s getting your socks and shoes on and getting your socks and shoes on. It takes one hour and 15 minutes. It really does every day and it makes you late, like you weren’t late, and then all of a sudden you’re late.

And so we usually walk to school but some days it literally takes so long that we can’t walk to school because we’ll be late. So then we have to get in the car and that bugs me because we live close enough to walk so we might as well take advantage of it. But our five-year-old just, for some reason, the socks and shoes is the tough part to get out the door. We finish lunch. First nap time. At 2:55 pm, one of us has to go pick up Mila. And so the other one will work, which goes back to the talking at a time of who’s picking up, who has a lot to do that day. Sometimes Mila has gymnastics and sometimes they come straight home and then dinner and then time for bed. And then the kids go to bed between 6:30 to 8:00. And then at 8:00 is when I try to have like 15 minutes of quiet time where I actually go through my daily habits. Then we shut it down at 9:00. Yeah. We usually try and watch some shows. It’s mom/dad/husband/wife time.

What would you say to someone who wants to get their husband on board with their dream?

I think having a vision is a really important piece to it. Like if you can cast the vision, which Anna did a really good job, and so it was really interesting to kind of see and be like, wow, that’s actually a really great vision, like career fulfillment for all women. And so I was on board with the vision. So that was a big piece of it. So then it comes down to the actual numbers and monetizing and seeing what you have to bring in the business in order to replace your current income and just breaking that down. That’s a very simple calculation. So vision and numbers, vision and then the actual numbers to back up that vision. And if those two things line up then it would be crazy not to be on board because this is way more fun than going to a job you don’t like for eight hours a day. 

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